Bound To Him Chapter 1


Ava Wesley was in the library to get her textbooks for the assignment.

The deadline for the submission was next week but Ava never liked to leave things until the last moment.


The Wesley's were one of the prominent families in the city.

Her father is an Industrialist and her mother was a former famous model.

After her mother got married she quit modeling because she wanted to concentrate on her children.

Even though she quit her mother still retained her charm and was still widely recognized in society.

Her older sister Sara is a famous model, she is quite opposite Ava when it came to both looks and personality.

Ava had a lot of pressure to live up to when it comes to her family's standards.

Sure, being the youngest, they pampered her a lot and gave her the best things but she still had to listen to her family.

The economics professor was very strict and his assignments sometimes veered out of the syllabus.

They always had to refer to multiple texts and references to answer his questions. He also checked each assignment thoroughly which made it harder to copy. This made the students scamper to the library to search for references.

Her roommates already had two of the books they could share. She just needed one more book but she already searched the whole shelf and it seems that she got there too late.

But then she saw it. The exact book that she needed was already in somebody else's hand and he has his back towards her.

"Excuse me," Ava said but he ignored her.

"Can I talk to you for a second," Ava said a little bit loudly to get his attention.

Hardin turned around and was distracted for a second when he saw how beautiful she was.


She had jet black hair, her face was shaped like a heart and she had a very fair skin tone. She was tall and thin and it somehow reminded him of a porcelain doll.

Hardin is very good looking and considered the most popular guy in their college.

He is very intelligent and currently the student council president. He is very arrogant and he thinks that he is better than everyone else.

People always flocked around him and it usually irritated him as it didn't give him any privacy.

Everyone wanted to be in his good book, whether it be boys or girls. He came to the library to return his books and while he was there he thought of checking out other books.

He heard her the first time she called but he pretended not to hear her. He thought it was another girl who wanted to flirt with him.

"Ya!" Hardin thought to himself, if he knew she was this beautiful he would have responded faster.

"Do you need the book you have in your hand?" Ava asked him politely.

He was stunned and for a moment he thought she was using the book as an excuse to talk to him.

"I don't really need it," He stated.

"Can you give me the book, I need it to complete my assignment," She pleaded.

Looking at her closely her serious expression told him she really wanted the book. But when she came closer to get it he lifted it up so she could not reach it.

"But I need this book in two days," He said with a smirk.

"No problem, I will give it to you as soon as I'm done," Ava said as she extended her hand for the book.


"Tell me your name and class so I can come and collect it," he said as he gave her the book.

Seeing Ava speak so softly, Hardin wondered how he missed such a beauty in college. He never bothered to know anybody, especially people who followed him around.

Although Ava was a brilliant student she kept a low profile at school so not many people knew of her.

She told him what he needed and hurried to the dorm.

Hardin smiled and thought he didn't really need that book back but he wanted another chance to talk to her, so he lied.

She seemed so innocent. He could not take his eyes off of her and just wanted to be in her presence.

He knows there will still be more chances in the future for him to be near her.

There were many girls in college who were crazy about him and did anything to get his attention. But for the first time in his life he was smitten.

At the dorm.

"Are you going somewhere?" Ava's roommate asked her.

"Ya, to my parent's house" Ava replied as she put her mac laptop and reference book into her Chanel bag.

"But it is not the weekend and we have a test in two days," Ava's roommate said.

"Ya but it's an important event and my mom is forcing me to attend. Do not worry I have taken the textbook so I'll be able to study for the test," Ava checked her bag to see if she needed anything else.

After Ava started staying in the dorm her mother always called and made excuses for her to come home.

For today she told Ava that she really missed her so much. And since she was going to be home she could come to the wedding too.


Ava's parents did not want their little princess to live in the dorm but Ava wanted to live her college life like any other student and promised to visit them every weekend.

With her Gucci sunglasses in one hand and her Chanel bag in the other she headed down.

Today was not the weekend but there was a marriage with one of the Aristocratic families.

All the influential people will be in attendance. People who were invited saw it as an honor to be there.

Many people thought that attending this function will mean that they will have a chance for a business or marriage partnership in the future.

By the time she came down from her dorm the car her father sent was there to take her home.

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