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Antagonist's Sidekick Becomes the Hero!

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"Do you find yourself bored, with nothing to do? Have you ever wondered why you don't live an eventful life, like the main characters in stories? Then look no further than Rise to Prominence, the latest game coming to the JoyBox this summer! Fight monsters, beat bad guys, and win the girls' hearts! Work your way up the social ladder within the Academy and become the most popular student! Gain a fan club and sweep the girls off their feet! Heck, get some of the guys as well! With Rise to Prominence, your life will be nothing, if not eventful!

Buy it now, for $39.99! While supplies last."


A strange selection, an enigmatic setting, and an ever growng amount of stuff to do. These are what he must deal with, after being reborn as an unfortunate person destined to be single and alone, in a world of magic and mystery.

Will he throw off his mantle of loner? Most likely.

Will he become the best? Sure.

Will he get a girlfriend? Duh, he's the MC.

But what if there are others in a similar situation as him?

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