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The Youngest Divinity

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The continent of Vaine is a place of technological and magical might. It is the pinnacle of human brilliance, and is more powerful than it has ever been—truly approaching a never-before-seen golden age of magic.

But what if that was all a lie?

Dominic, shipwrecked and confused, wakes up one day on the shore of a continent which shouldn't be there. No maps in Vaine show it; no sailors have ever reached it; as far as anybody knows, the continent of Hesia does not and has never existed. In the last thousand years, no one has left, and no one has made it in. And on this hidden continent, he finds demons—a race of people who are far more adept at magic than humans.

As Dominic uncovers the lost history of the two lands, he must come face to face with kings, mages, gods, and the dark past of the most powerful organization in Vaine, which has long done everything it possibly could to keep those skeletons buried.

And they're not the only ones who can keep a secret.


↠ You like long-running fantasy stories with an intrigue/mystery focus. The world is vast and full of secrets—and our main character is not one to tell. Be careful what you believe, because Dominic himself might be the one lying to you.

↠ You enjoy decisive protagonists that don't have qualms about what tactics solving some problems may require.

↠ You like dragons. I like dragons. By the gods, there will be dragons.


↠ This is not a webtoon. I only draw illustrated chapters for the prologues to each book and for the side stories at the end of each book. All drawings including covers are done by me.

↠ Release schedule is 2 chapters per week, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3:15PM CST.

↠ Up to 8 advanced chapters (4 weeks of releases) are available on Patreon. Thank you for your support. :)

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