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ANNO: 1623

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Author: Type:Male

This is a tale.

One of Life,

Of Death,

And of the unnatural disregard for the rules that govern both.

This story arguably begins at this climax, just after the death and reincarnation of a random eccentric. In a turbulent world experiencing a forceful, remorseless revolution, we follow the saga of a possessed young noble and the world around him.

Follow Levi, a slightly crazy (Laughs), psychopathic, possibly apathetic yet apt youth...

Possessing dual souls, and the memories that come with them, He challenges head-on the complicated political structure and social-economic hurdles that plague a budding, war-stricken civilization.

Come along, oh dear traveller...

To Anno, a world hiding legendary secrets worthy of your exploration.

For it is the year 1623 S.T.

The year it all began.


[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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