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The Complete Alchemyst book 2

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Continuation of the Alchemyst book 1

Sometimes to be the good guy, you gotta be the bad guy.

This is a story about Louis, a guy that was just trying to get along before he got kidnapped and forced to play cook by a Cartel. He's no Heisenberg, however. Now that he's out of Prison and put a beat down on some of the folks that put him away, he's facing the real pressures of Life as a single-person superpower:

Everyone wants to use him for their own purposes.

Along the way he's met a few girls, some good, some bad. He's looking to save the world, establish an evil empire, secure a future for the people he considers his, and maybe finally kill that damned superhero that started it all.

This is not 'the boys'. Not all superheroes or supervillains are evil, The 'super' world is expanding to include aliens, magic, and the children of ancient deities and legends. This is NOT a superhero genre deconstruction. Many heroes truly are heroes, and they don't all need to be destroyed to make a good story, but it does look into the dark side of superpowers and the unreasonable and often contradictory demands placed on exceptional people.

Please note that this book has extremely graphic and sometimes gross fight scenes, heroes as villains, villains as heroes, opinionated and often politically incorrect characters, some graphic sex scenes, dad jokes, dirty jokes, realistic depictions of romance and flirting, bondage and dominance themes, and more than a few cuss words when they are really appropriate.

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