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Animus Storm

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Author: Type:Male

An unruly man ponders many things in the last moments of his unlucky demise. What asshole thought heaven and hell seemed like solid choices? Who elected god, was there a popular vote or epic bingo game? If he's reincarnated will he simply be a deer to be hunted down by some fat ass with a racist paint job on his truck? Will his exgirlfriend die in a fire proving there is justice? And lastly who planted this F#@&ing tree?!

What if the answer to all of the above is Yes? If the cycle of life and death is all just a game to the gods then he'll just have to win. Follow our not likely hero Nox as he takes the field against warriors and gods of myth and fable in the battle of several lifetimes, spanning ages, and dodging tropes like landmines.

Life 2: Howling Thunder,becoming the big bad wolf! The first book is complete and we're rolling right into the next!

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