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Reborn - The Jade Phoenix Saga, Book 1 (A Cultivation LitRPG Series)

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Author: Type:Male

Book 1 of this series has been published in partnership with Portal Books and is up on Amazon and soon-to-be Audible.

This is the word that has defined Yu since her infancy. Her God Sign is corrupted and so she is a cultivator without cultivation. Frail and sickly, Yu is the only descendant of her mighty warrior lineage to live without strength, without purpose. She is a stain on the honor of her family, an embarrassment to her prestigious clan.
Hidden away, Yu comes to live with the constant scorn and ridicule of her peers. She is bullied, beaten and bloodied. But she is never broken.
She dreams of one day proving herself worthy.
Defying her father’s wishes, Yu trains with her twin Jian swords, using her flawless memory to perfect their complex forms. Working in secret she builds her martial skills to a level unheard of for her young age. But her skills mean little without cultivation.
Until she is given a chance – a chance to be reborn.

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