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Victor of Tucson [A LitRPG/Progression Fantasy]

8 1993 90
Author: Type:Male

Victor was an average eighteen-year-old kid from Tucson, Arizona, trying to figure out his life after high school and focus on getting his act together. One hot summer day, he stepped into his grandma's house and disappeared, snatched out of his life by some unsavory fellows from another world. Things don't get better from there, unfortunately, as the gents who summoned him deem him worthless and offload him to a member of low society who happens to run a pit fighting business. Victor's time in this new world might be short, indeed.

Release Schedule: 4k+ word chapters every Sunday and Thursday. Starting in July, I'll have more time, and I will increase post frequency.

If you get caught up on this story, you might like my other ongoing novel, Falling with Folded Wings. It's over a thousand pages on RR, with lots more to come.

Important Patreon Note: My Patreon has advance copies (30+) of my other fiction. So far, I only have 10 advance copies of Victor on there. This may change in the summer, but for now, please bear it in mind when supporting me through Patreon. Thank you!

Cover Art by: Carlos Monteiro

Part 2 Art by: PanGalactic

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