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A'roya's an abused married black woman, controlled by her mother and her husband, so what happens when she's told she has a mate....a vampire mate? A'roya chooses to ignore it until she finds out he's also her husband's boss. She decides that she wants to be happy, even if it's with a Vampire, and escapes her husband, but how will she when they're many obstacles she might not be able to face?
"You're distracting me-ah, Vincent!" He put his hands on my waist, pulling me closer to him.
I'm not used to being so close to a man without being hit. The last time I was safe in a man's arms was when I was a kid with my dad.
"A'roya," he whispers, admiring my face.
"Vincent," I whispered back, playing with the wet hairs on the nape of his neck.
"I love you."
I must've smiled so damn wide. I put my forehead on his, trying to reel in tears.
God, I'm such a crybaby.
"I love you too."
Vincent sighed confidently. "Oh, I know."
I sighed and rolled my eyes.
At this point, I'm used to this man.
Word count: 52,440
😈 are the mature chapters 🤭
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