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Loving Everly Gray (✔️)

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Author: Type:Male
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#7 in Quaterbacks
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Everly Gray, a seventeen years old teenager whose life is a mess since she was born, her parents gave her up for adoption, but at age six she found a new home, a new perfect home and living a good life, her adopted parents adores her and provides her with the world she dream of, but the scars and inner demon inside her has taken over her and she thinks that this is all a dream, that one day her adopted parents will leave her the same way, her parents did. She is afraid of attachment and depending on others.
Elliot Walker, a seventeen years old moody and angry playboy, who is not only rich, but also handsome, makes everyone kiss the ground wherever he walks, when he bump into the silent nerd of the school and accidentally took her secret notebook, he can't help, but is curious about her. His curiosity made him do things, that he swore he would never do in his entire life, that is falling in love, but will she let him in? Or chase him out?
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