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Akatsuki (Magi Ja'far X Fem Reader)

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Author: Type:Male
The dark waves lapped gently against the sides of the ships bobbing gently in the waters of the Sindria harbor. The lights of the lively parties that the kingdom so often held had finally died. The peaceful darkness of the night had finally settled over the island. Finally, for just a few hours before sunrise, Sindria was asleep. The perfect time for an assassination.
If you're reading this fanfiction just for romance, you're probably going to be disappointed. It's going to follow a storyline and the romance is rather subtle. But if you like those kinds of relationships (like me), then feel free to read my fanfiction. DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN MAGI OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR (Y/N)-CHAN! NONE OF THE PICTURES/FANART I USE ARE MINE, INCLUDING THE COVER
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