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Death of Me

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Author: Type:Female
''I'm the leader of this gang,'' he informed me.
''Is that supposed to intimidate me or something?'' I asked with raised eyebrows.
''It should.''
Juliette Gracen has gone through a fair amount in her life, but she's always made the most of it. It may not be picture perfect, but it's steady. Comfortable. But one night, one thing she shouldn't have seen, is about to change everything.
Vincent Monroe - he's as bad as they come. His reputation as the most notorious gang leader in all of Valarian City proceeds him. After how he ascended to power, no one would dare cross him. No one would dare challenge him. Until he meets a whirlwind of a woman with next to no brain-to-mouth filter who is about to tilt the axis of his world.
So, what happens when these two headstrong people meet? You'll have to crack this one open in order to find out.
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#1 in #deathofme
#1 in #perfect
#1 in #tensions
#2 in #lovestory
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#19 in #romance
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