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When Stars Align

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"You have got to be kidding me" he utters suddenly.
"What?" i ask and follow his line of sight down to the ground floor front desk.
"Angelo? What's wrong" i ask again, concern creeping into me as I put my hand over his on the table.
"Nothing's wrong baby. Just that my sisters are here" he turns to look at me and turns his hand over, so that he grips mine comfortingly.
"Oh....oh! Ok, well, we are done here right?" i ask rhetorically, referring to our meal, then pull my hand free and reach for my purse.
"Yeah, calm down. It's ok, i just wasn't expecting them to show up here" he says softly, when he notices me getting ready to leave.
"No worries" i stand up anyway.
"What are you doing?" He asks, alarmed.
"Leaving, i will see you later, yeah?"
"Marianne, sit down" His eyes narrow at me in an intimidating manner, but i don't cower.
"Sit down" he says again, even more assertively.
"I am not meeting any more of your family." I mutter.
"Sit down! this is not funny" he says under his breath, trying not to bring too much attention to our table, when i look just about ready to leave.
"Thank you for lunch..bye" i whisper and go down the other way from the direction his sisters are now coming to our floor on.
I don't turn around to see the look on Angelo's face, but i can feel his heated gaze as it drills holes into my back.
When the stars align, and Angelo Morreli meets Marianne Wright, Angelo is drawn to her by something he can't explain, like a light shining in the hidden darkness that is in his World...for Mary, he is an enigma, capable of drawing her out of her comfort zone, she knows right away that she should run the opposite direction fast.......and Never. Look. Back.....
........because it's the second glance that ties your hands, as darkness pulls the strings.
#1 in Original story (05/01/2022)
Books by Bellamerce
Book 1: Only For You (Completed)
Book 2 :When Stars Align (Completed)
Book 3: Fire On Fire (Completed)
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