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In the city of Kaz, the people are divided into three classes: the elite, the worker, and the scum of the underground.
Aeri is part of the working class. Her parents, even though they must struggle to make ends meet, treat her and her brother with love and teach her to stand by the right things. Always.
V is a shadow who crosses between the elite and the underground. He carries many identities: the heir, the street fighter, the ruthless dealer. He is all of these things. But even then, he still doesn't know how to quite deal with a little girl who offers to trade him his cigarette for a lemon lollipop.
And when something happens to Aeri that devastates her entire family, V loses her for over six years in the claws of the Underground.
What happens when they meet each other again, with Aeri nothing like who she was before?
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