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Not If I Date You First

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Author: Type:Female
She's a paparazzo. He's a celebrity. And when the two of them get together, cameras will flash and sparks will fly.
The summer after she graduates from high school, eighteen-year-old Ada Datchery lands her dream internship, working as a celebrity photographer. Ada's determined to do whatever it takes to turn her internship into a permanent career. But after she gets into an altercation with Liam Anders, Hollywood's hottest young celebrity, Ada becomes the center of a tabloid scandal. When rumors about an unlikely romance between Ada and Liam fly, giving an unexpected boost to both their careers, they decide there's no harm in faking a relationship for the cameras. But as the line between what's real and what's pretend begins to blur, Ada finds herself under constant media scrutiny. And when her new boss pressures her to expose Liam's biggest secret, Ada realizes that making her dreams come true could cost her everything, including her heart.
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