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Blood Demon's Retirement

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Civil War had raged on the Al-Shan Archipelago for the past four decades, only recently coming to an end with the enthronement of the new Emperor.

This is not his story.

The Blood Demon, renowned general of said civil war, was tired of all the fighting and politicking that had described the last four decades of her existence. All she really wanted to do now is to go out into the world and see the many lands from her father's stories.

Thus she retired, and went and did exactly what she wanted.

This is the story of what happens when you toss a (retired) war machine with somewhat lacking common sense into an unsuspecting world at peace.

Chapters will range from 1-2.5k words, scheduled for release every day from Monday to Friday.

First time posting a story on Royal Road here, hoping you folks will enjoy.


-slow going slice of life with occassional faster paced action

-world building

-detailed anecdotes on the world, its races, the magic system, and whatnot every now and then

Do not expect:

-romance, other than maybe some passing mentions

-politics, again, barring passing mentions

Any comments, reviews, and criticism will be much appreciated.

And thank you for reading.


Disclaimer: This story is my original work and only posted on the Royal Road and Scribblehub websites. If you should find this story elsewhere or under another name, please let me know.

Also please don't be too hard on me when I make occasional grammatical mistakes, English is my third language after all. XD

Edit suggestions are very welcome though.


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