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Torin the dragon rider

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Author: Type:Male

Britannia, a prosperous kingdom where life is good. The technology is not very advanced but some mages, alchemists and sages still manage to do wonders.
In a small village, between mountains, farmers have been living in peace for several generations. Torin is the son of one of them.
He had a loving family, friends, and especially friends...because he was the strongest in the village, and also the most beautiful boy.
On the eve of his 10th birthday, a wild dragon decided otherwise and captured poor Torin. 
Having managed to escape the dragon by trickery, the incident repeated itself like a curse.
Then, one day, the call came. The call to become a dragon rider.
But events would take a catastrophic turn. Especially when a very young female dragon sees Torin as a potential mate.

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