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(EX)tinction.Protocol() - All Life is precious...unless it gives EXP.

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Nightmares. Monsters. Creatures. MAJIK? HP? MP? WTF IS MAGN???

The world is falling into a twisted dark age where organic and inorganic matter is being ‘changed’ giving birth to disturbing nightmare creatures.

Humanity is not excluded however; they are given the chance to reach new evolutionary heights and absorb power.... As long as they can fight and kill.

Follow fresh parents Goduyne and Marrigan do what they can to protect newborn boy Lone, in a harsh and terrifying world that has technology and normalcy abruptly rug-pulled from humanity.
Already facing the harsh tests of being new parents, can they survive long enough to give their child a chance at life?..

This isn’t your ‘happy-go-lucky’ RPG MMO theme park experience.

There is no system. Just the raw laws of physics, twisted & bent.

There is no help guide. Just bloody trial and error.

There is no noob zone. Just harsh survival.

All life is precious….

...unless it gives EXP it seems.

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