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Travels along the Astral Road

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The words in these scrolls depict the path of Bai Qi, the greatest scholar of his time after he was forced to leave his life, achievements, and even body behind to save himself.

Assuming the persona of Wu Guang, he will have to start his cultivation from zero on the weakest area of the lowest plane possible. How, when, and at what cost he will reach his previous strength? Will he surpass it? Or fall along the way?

A mix of XianXia and XuanHuan with slight touches of western fantasy.
The first book will center more on explaining qi, cultivation, and other elements of the genres - so if you are searching for some constant battle action, the start may be a bit slow.
The second one will go on a probably OP trope, with the MC being simply too good for his environment.
Plans are to write at least seven-eight "books" (About 120 chapters per book). Currently, the chapters being uploaded are part of the 5th book.
The current schedule is at least one chapter every "Wednesday" (could be a day earlier or later, sorry, my times are strange atm), plus up to two chapters each week if I am able to.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge], always. Completed Challenge, x2
Waiting for the next one!

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