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Unfortunately, I'm an Evil Villainess

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Author: Type:Female

I was Lady Valentina Avington, the beautiful, wicked, and narcissistic villainess of a novel. When I recalled memories of my past life, I decided I wanted everything the heroine had.

Using my knowledge of the future, I became a fake saint, the successor to my house, the future queen, and won over the male leads. When the novel began, all I had to do was dispose of the female lead.

Yet nothing was as it seemed, and before I knew it, my perfect facade fell to pieces.

“You’re not who I thought you were.”

“I despise you, Sister.”

“It’s revolting to even look at you.”

Call it ambition or greed, I would get what I wanted, by any means necessary. No matter the cost, I would definitely win.

No need to like me, I have no excuses. Will you be cheering for my downfall, like the rest of them?


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