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Deviant's Masquerade: Get Ink'd (A Toon Villain Quest/RPG)

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Author: Type:Male

Joshua Durand has always lived in someone else’s shadow, a side character in someone else’s show.
His brother was the real hero of the tale, or he was until his ‘friends’ stabbed him in the back.
Now though, he’s got a chance to step into the spotlight, as long as he’s willing to make a deal with the devil.
He doesn’t know if this is the right decision or the wrong one, but what he does know is “It’s showtime!”


This is forum quest story taking place in the same city/setting as my other stories: The Huntsman's Quest and Hacking Reality stories meaning that while a majority of the plot is made up by me, the major choices as well as what each chapter is about are usually made by the actual readers in forum votes.

Additionally, given how this is essentially a story version of a Tabletop game there is also a background RPG system that while the characters aren't necessarily aware of, the readers can see these stats to know how each chosen 'Action' effects their character's development.

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