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You're Alive - Connor X Reader - A Detroit: Become Human Fanfiction

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Author: Type:Female
I grew up in Detroit and was adopted, by my non-biological, Hank Anderson, who is currently employed as a detective with the help of his android friend, and used to be partner, Connor.
I'm friends with Connor, but it's not like we're super close or anything. I'm still getting used to the whole android thing, but it's not like I hate androids, or just Connor in general. Why would I? He's really nice, and whenever he comes over, it's like watching a sitcom when he uses his dorky ability to tip my father off.
It's quite entertaining.
After a while, something strange happens. He tells me there's a pain in his chest. I ask him about it, seeing if there's maybe something wrong with his mechanical body.
But, he points towards his..
No, no fucking way.
.. Why did it have to be me?
Things to know before reading this story:
- This story will deal with things such as sexual assault, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
- In this story, your character goes by she\her pronouns.
- There will be smut in this story.
- In this story, you are an atheist.
- In this story, you are 19.
- This is based on what happens after the CoryxKenshin gameplay (good ending).
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