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Author: Type:Male
(previously titled The Vampires Human)
"Awe pretty baby, look how cute you look all tied up and crying for us," he softly stroked my face, but the smirk on his lips made me shiver. He turned to look at them, "What should we do with you now?" He asked, lowering himself to my face.
I stared at him wide eyed, listening to the others circle around me like lions ready to pray on a lamb. I can't hide my arousal from them, they can sense it, even if I lie, they'll call my bluff.
I bit my lip, staring into his red eyes. "Punish me?"
This book contains sexual content, age gaps, light bdsm, and second hand embarrassment.
If you don't like submissive female leads, this isn't the book for you.
(cover by @asweetprincess )
Book review
  • 236***

    I found plaything on a free website lmk if you guys want it
    2023-11-11 23:16
  • nes***

    2023-05-22 22:36
  • raz***

    You didn't put the scene about Duke and Elora having sex 😭 I was waiting for this
    2023-04-13 11:18
  • ral***

    Can you post Plaything as well plss?
    2023-03-25 02:46
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