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Star Gazer

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Author: Type:Male

When the mist rolls in, most would either head inside, or brave it's perils via familiar terrain. But what if that mist holds secrets beyond which most could comprehend, let alone traverse? Mia, unequipped as she was, found herself in that very situation, but as danger approached, another came in time to save the girl from the unknown. Luke was a victim of the mist just as she was, and the pair had now begun a journey in a world home to only one of them from which a destiny was soon to be forged.


Star Gazer is high fantasy adventure set in a massive world within which our maturing duo of protagonists will be challenged to uncover truths few are aware are hidden at all.

Elements of LitRPG are scattered within and function more as elements of certain character's abilities to read others, rather than a progression system by which our heroes will rely on.

Updates will begin daily during premier week, but will slow down to 3 times weekly until further notice. Thank you for any and all support!

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