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Lucifer's Queen

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In her family she was always the strange one. Never was Elizabeth a normal child, she wasn't allowed to play with others children and her mother made sure of that. They made everyone despise her. She was ill-treated by everyone up until the point her parents shipped her away to Catholic school. After all a bastard child could not be accepted into a Christian community.
After a tragic night she finds herself in the arms of a stranger. Who you may ask? Well he goes by many names but the most popular of them all is Lucifer.
"Who are you?" The man stood at the door. Her breathing was uneven. She woke up in a strange place was not recollection of the past evens after she ran away.
"I go by many names," A devious smirk covered the man's face. This man was truly beautiful. The saying as handsome as the devil would suit him perfectly. "However let's me enlighten you though, I have wings and I was the son that was cast down from heaven to rule over hell."
Laughter escaped her throat before she could stop it and tears formed in her eyes as she finished laughing. But the man's face remained all too serious.
"Your not joking, are you?"
By all the rules of fate they were never supposed to meet again and now that they have all of heaven is against such a union.
After all how could the devil have a queen?
"So glad I read this book! Your a great author and I look forward to reading more of your books!!!" - @HLMilk123
"Well... off to another book so I forget my feeling because this was one hell of a roller coaster." - @fatpotatoluvsfood
"Grinning madly here, Sim." [email protected]
"Sadie....Sadie.... Sadie.... Am Impressed.... Nicely detailed." [email protected]_gazer
"I legit got butterflies rn!!!" [email protected]_monsterr-
"I love it💘😭" [email protected]
"👏👏👏" [email protected]
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