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The Immortal Cultivator Is An Otaku

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The age of cultivation has finally descended unto the world. It was a bloody era, brutal for everyone; one to revere for the weak, one to oppress for the strong.
In this new era, the forsaken scrap for food while the talentless put their hopes in the next generation.
In this new era, the dauntless awaken through countless tortures while the gifted ascend through sheer enlightenment.
In this new era, the rich eat medicinal pills like candy and repress those who possess solid foundations...
Bloodlines, classes, skills, perks, and mana pool:
Those were the five determinants for assessing the potential of young cultivators.
Hibari, who was born in a prominent clan of exorcists, didn't show attunement for any of those.
For seven years, he who was recognized as "trash" by his contemporaries, has lived the path of a recluse, spending his days watching anime or playing video games.
Like any hot-blooded kid, the young man had dreamed of a golden finger.
But a prayer he made on his fifteenth birthday would compromise the majesty of the heavens for eternity.
The second: "I must have heard you wrong."
Heaven's Dao:
"The first Immortal Emperor was an Otaku..."
The third: "..."
The fourth: "..."

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