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CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG (Book Two: Successor)

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[2/28/19 Update: The CHRONICLES series has been removed from Amazon Kindle Unlimited. This means the beta version of the entire series is available on RR. Enjoy!]

Book Two: Successor of CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG continues the (mis)adventures of Lawrence Eugene Mulligan, who was brought to a new world by a divine entity known as the Gamemaster. Our main character ("MC") has only one objective: to become the King of the Kingdom of Merlin in order to return home. Luckily for our MC, he has developed strong relationships with numerous Non-Player Characters ("NPCs"), organizations, and even Gods (!) to help Lawrence achieve his ultimate goal.

CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG is a hardcore slice-of-life genre story which focuses on our unlikely MC as he handles quests and events that the Gamemaster constantly throws at the MC. All in the name of entertainment for the Gamemaster.

Book Two: Successor is a sequel which continues the events of the final chapter of the previous book. And thus, it is important for readers to finish the previous work before delving into this next book. The official Amazon release (which includes an exclusive 2k words side story) is available at:

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