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Blood & Noodles

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[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

As they always have, humanity hunts the gods roaming the world, craving the supernatural power that flows within their veins. Even a drop is zealously guarded, passed from master to student through the ages. It is with this stolen power that the Blooded - those with divine blood coursing through them - grasp beyond mortality and achieve prestige, power, and greatness. Yet, for every fraction of power gained, thousands perish, slain by the gods' supernatural prowess. But everything is beginning to change.

Eight years ago, for the first time in human memory, a god was felled.

Part-time chef and full-time nuisance Orvi wants nothing to do with gods. Living in a derelict city, his only concerns are ensuring his adopted family's restaurant is prosperous and how to best beat the neighbourhood boys in a fight. If he's lucky, he might even snag a date with the farmer's daughter at the market.

But even though he cares nothing for the gods or their blood, the world won't leave him alone forever.

Because to reach godhood, one must first leave their humanity behind.


The first arc of Blood & Noodles follows the adolescent Orvi as he attempts to navigate his rapidly changing home and - by his own definition - protect his family. The story is told almost entirely in the first-person, from the perspective of a teenager who isn't always the sharpest tool in the shed. There are tragic elements, especially in the current arc.

It's character-focused and driven, though the protagonist's shenanigans are backdropped by a world operating independently from him. Orvi's a generally light-hearted character, and though the story veers into darker territory, I also want it to be able to make readers smile.

Action sequences, despite the fantastical elements, are meant to be grounded and clearly-conveyed; Orvi is a brawler, not a warrior.

I'm trying to write a story that's enjoyable to read and flows nicely, mainly because it's more fun to write. I'm also trying to improve my writing, so any feedback, whether positive or negative, is welcome!

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