《Oneshot Per Day》🥐It was nothing but a dream (Pickle x taco)🥐


What if all the things that happened to taco were just a dream? What if she was right where everything went wrong again? (Humanized)

Taco's POV

I'm sure what happened really. One moment I was enjoying my tea andtryingtoforgetallmytramua when everything went black. I shot up and began breathing heavily 'where am i?' I thought "Hey! Hey its okay taco! J-just calm down" the sun was basically blinding me I could hardly see but I recognized the voice "Ah good! It would have sucked if we neede to postpone the challange until later" that was mephone but what challenge? What did I have to do with this. My eyes eventually adjusted to the sun, I was back on inanimate insanity. Pickle was sitting next to me I didn't have my normal clothes on I had on that stupid poncho I used to always wear. I tried to speak but I just coughed up a lemon "How could you just not care mephone!? This is serious taco just fainted!" Pickle was visibly upset with mephone "God alright fine" mephone said "Oh my gosh poor taco! Is she okay?? Does the wittle pwescious baby need an icepwack" he said in a mocking voice "Ugh, dont mind him" pickle put a hand on my cheek and made me look at him ifelt a blush creep onto my cheeks "Wh- what happened" I said in my normal voice, I noticed just to late. Everyone was looking at me "did you just-" mephone was looking at me, dumbfounded "You.. uhm gainted, you were supposed to go against OJ, you made it to the final 2" he said "are we just gonna ignore that!!" Paintbrush blurted out "Yeah shes done that before" pickle said "Never british though" he mumbled, I looked away. I had to act like my normal self again o blurted out the first thing that came to my mind "WINNER!" Ah! Fuck now what!? I started to sweat. I stood up really fast and got a bit light headed "Huh?" OJ asked "Hey taco! Take a chill pill" pickle said holding me up. I took a step forward, stumbling a bit as I did so. "Let go." I pushed pickle back and walked twords the start of the challenge. "Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen! Taco is participating!" Mephone exclaimed. OJ rushed beside me. I got into a starting position and everyone else took a seat in the bleachers. Pickle sat alone on my bleachers... maybe this whole thing wasn't all bad... maybe I could try again. Or not again, so it seems, but not make the mistakes I made in my dream. This is my true beginning and I was gonna win it. "On your marks!" OJ glanced at me "Get set!" "Are you sure about this? Please, dont push yourself to far" he mumbled, I looked back at him "Go!" And I ran I heard OJ shout something behind me, probably because he got distracted and fell behind, but I didn't care. My lungs were on fire and I was struggling to breath and yet I didn't think twice I didn't slow down I just kept running. I jumped off the crappy cliff. Running. I grabbed lemons and spat them into the bucket. Running. I knew from being here previously OJ was far behind me. The Areana of death and Slling shot challenge? Done and done. Stacking 3 golf balls? Easy as pie. I finished the relay race and was now onto the candy collecting challenge, last time I messed up a grabbed a peice if candy that was too thin, OJ caught up to me and then we were neck to neck. I wont repeat my mistakes, I grabbed four larger pieces if candy and spat them across the quicksand pit. Bam 8 challenges in the bucket and OJ in the dust. Heh maybe this wasn't as hard as most thought it was. I mean despite the burning lungs, the ringing in my ears, my legs that I knew would cramp up and paralyze me at any given time and the dizziness I felt great! R


I ran some more and i heard the elimination tower crash behind me, I knew OJ wasn't far behind me now so i ran faster. Me knees felt weak my calves a flame and my thighs aches and I in general felt like either curling unto a ball and crying or the floor opening up and me dying but either way maybe I didn't feel so great. I ran through the desert and past the cacti before that stupid monster stopped me. Or tried too, I kicked him and and dove older water to grab that stupid coin. I ran past the episode 12 sign and into the wrestling arena, I beat the OJ standee to a pulp (A/N i couldn't resist im sorry... also *insert cheesy's knee slap*) Next was putting Nickel into a basket, which he did himself thankfully. I went through the Tile of Terror like my life depended on it, well it kind of did but still. Suddenly I remembered what caused me to lose last time, bow, she grabbed me a pulled me to the ground an OJ caught up and I lost to him. But this time I was ahead, I didn't get stuck in the quicksand so I was not only ahead of OJ but I was ahead of bow too! This is brilliant! And now I was merely a few feet away from the finish line! OJ was behind me but not close enough to shove me out of the way like he did last time. I felt my legs wobbling and could hear the others cheering for OJ, telling him to hurry up. In one last wave of energy I threw myself forward and broke the ribbon that marked the finish line. I crashed to the ground and felt like shit but I didn't mind especially when pickle ran to my side to help sit me up. OJ finished not too long after me. He put his hands on his knees and was wheezing for breath. I stood up, or tried to my legs finally gave up and I could no longer stand. Pickle picked me up and walked me over to OJ but just as I was going to say something Mephone5, 4 and 4s came crashing near us. (Look we all know what happens next so fast forward to when its revealed tht the millon was lost) "Wait a minute, what do you mean?" Mephone asked "The millon, its gone" OJ said "Wait" mephone said "You mean the case?" We all looked at him "The moneys in the bank, not the case" he said "What kind of idiot would put a millon dollars in a suitcase!" OJ looked mortified but responded swiftly "Well I wouldnt put it past you" and mephone slapped him. "Well what you gonna spend the million on" pickle said i smiled at him and looked twords OJ. Since I had regained feeling in my legs again I could walk twords OJ. I revealed my arms and pulled out a check book, I knew what I neede to do. "Woh yiu have arms!" Paper exclaimed, I scribbled a few things onto a check "Taco what are you doing?" Pickle asked, I cleared my throat "OJ" I said in my usual, or not so usual, accent. I heard a few people gasp and some started to whisper "Thank you. Thank you for compeating against me and thank you for this" I said gesturing to all that was around me "I-" OJ stammered "I dont understand what did i do?" He asked i laughed "OJ you made this competition worth competting in. I know that all of this is... surprising, to say the least, but there is an explanation behind it" I said "I hope that this is enough" I said, handing him the check "do something great with it, will you?" He gawked at the check "Holy! Taco I cannot acceppt this!" He said pushing the check back to me "No no, insist! I dont need all the million and i truly think you'll put it to good use" OJ hugged me tight, thanking me profusely. After awhile all the chaos died down and I made my way twords mine and pickles spot on the hill. "So" he said "Your british" he said "and ive got arms!" I said giggling "Yeah" he said laughing. We sat in silence for a bit "Why" he said, I looked at him "Hm?" "Why did you hide it" he said looking off into the sunset "I wanted a change" I said "Back home im usually quite. My parents really like the 'don't speak until your spoken too' rule and well it just became all i was. To my friends, my teachers, the social workers... i was just taco the quite, shy girl that didnt say anything unless asked to first. But when i came here" (A/N i have a head cannon that taco's adopted just incase your confused, no its not cannon) I said looking back at him "I could be loud and annoying i wanst expected to know everything and i guess i sorta took advantage of that. My plan was to get the million and move... my parents live in england but my bio parents live in the states and i want to be closer to them. I don't know what I'll do after that but im moving to the states." Pickle put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close "If the quite taco is the taco your parets want than will you continue to be loud? Will you go back to the way you were?" He asked, his tone saddened a bit "No... i dont think i will" I said "I think i will be me... Im not stupid infact umim really smart" I said "But im not quite or shy, im loud and proud to be me!" I hugged my knees "good" pickle said "I think I'll like that taco even more" he leaned down and kissed me on my cheek. I felt my face heat up "I just hope that taco still likes me too..." he pulled me closer and I giggled a bit "I hope so... i mean who else would she spend a million dollars on" he laughed and we stayed there until the sun went down, we slept there all night just the two of us. Just as we should have been...


I wished that I hadn't gotten which was a dream and which was real mixed up... waking up alone as the taco that lost.. didn't do me too good.

1791 words! Aww that was kinda sad

:( I'm not sorry but still.

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