《| ~Agonizing lust..~ | (Doukaza fanfic)》| ~A smart choice~ |


Akaza slowly woke up , on a familiar , polished ,wooden floor.

"Ohh.. Your awake." Douma growled.

Immediately , Akaza got up and rushed to the door , realizing its locked.

"How helpless." Douma yanked Akaza's head back and threw him across the room , making Akaza cry out.

Akaza spat out blood and winded out.

"How many times did i tell you to not escape from me?"


"You heard me."

"Get away from me Douma! You've done nothing but harm me!" Akaza charged at Douma with every ounce of strength.

"Too slow." Douma snarled.

Douma pulled out his war fan and slashed Akaza's chest , collarbone , and lungs. (Do you get Deja vu, Shinobu?😭)

Akaza stumbled back and gasped as the feeling of the cold , war fan tore through his flesh.

He gritted his teeth as blood kept pouring out of the wounds, before regenerating.

"Tch. Im done playing nice with you Akaza. Ive done so much for you , and ive been so kind to you. Yet you keep treating me like trash. You'll pay for it."

Douma went closer to him and pushed his nails into Akaza's chest , making Akaza groan out in pain.

Douma retracted his nails , and squeezed Akaza's chin roughly before kissing him demanding , and harshly.

Douma pulled back and squeezed Akaza's neck , digging his nails into his neck and shoulder.

"Douma , Stop!" Akaza cried out loudly.

"Ill keep you here all day , torturing you until you repay for every time you tried running away , or disrespected me."

"Kokoshibo.. Please help!" Akaza yelled out.

Douma smacked Akaza roughly.

"Shut the hell up about Kokoshibo. If he cared about you he would be here with you right now! So shut the fuck up about him."

Akaza teared up in anger , and smacked Douma as hard as he could.


Lets just say as soon as Douma regenerated his head back , he wasn't too happy.

"You.. Little shit!" Douma yelled as he grabbed Akaza , ripped his haori off and smashing him onto the ground painfully.

"Your not leaving my grasp again , not today." Douma mumbled.

Akaza shuddered in fear at Doumas dark , and low voice he used all this time.

"Leave me alone!" Akaza yelled out.

"Dont tell me what to fucking do you little bitch,"

"Heres a deal.. It's either i keep you here forever , and force you to stay , or you pay me with your body." Akaza went wide eyed with those words.

Akaza gritted his teeth , sweating madly.

"Fine , you know what?! Fine! Ill pay you with my body i dont care anymore." Akaza muttered.

Douma leaned in..

"Good choice."

Douma started running his hand down Akaza's chest , stopping at the hem of his pants.

Akaza grabbed Doumas wrist , stopping him from going any further.

"Remove your worthless hand off me."

"Make me , You fucking shameless cultist."

"You little cum slut.."

Douma pulled akaza up by the back of his neck , and smashing him into a wall still sitting down , making Akaza's mind go fuzzy.

Douma bit Akaza's neck furiously , drawing blood.

Akaza yelled out in pain.

"Tch. Your gonna do as i say for today and you're gonna like it. I wont hesitate to abuse you. Or hell , even kill you."

"Bitch off."

"Oh , thats how we'll play it? Okay deal."

Douma pulled out his war fans and lined them up with Akaza's throat , ready to severely injure him , or even kill him.

"Douma.. Get away from.. Akaza." A voice calls out.

Douma turned around , just to be thrown to the other side.


It was Kokoshibo.

He gently picked up Akaza and hugged him tightly.

"Im.. So sorry for leaving you. It's all my fault."

Kokoshibo apologized.

"Dont blame yourself. It wasn't your fault dammit!"

Akaza yelled out in tears.

"Ohh.. Man.. Are you two a thing nowww?" Douma asked , ready to attack Kokoshibo.

Kokoshibo drawed out his sword and blocked Doumas every attack.

"Please be careful Koku!" Akaza yelled.

Kokoshibo nodded and dismembered Doumas legs , arms , and head.

"You little six eyed piece of shit!" Douma yelled.

"Douma.. Turn yourself in to the fortress. Or you shall face a brutal death." Kokoshibo said , obviously lying.

Douma would have died either way anyway.

"Like hell!" Douma screamed.

"Very well then. Akaza , stay here."

Douma dashed towards Akaza , before being beheaded.

"Akaza , im taking him to the fortress , do you want to come?"

"Sure.. I guess."

Kokoshibo effortlessly grabbed Douma while he was regenerating , putting up with Doumas kicks , cursing , and hitting.

"Akaza you little..!!!" Douma yelled.

"I promise ill get you back! I will and you'll both pay!" Douma snarled.

"Keep dreaming." Akaza growled.

They've finally arrived at the fortress and brought Douma to Muzan.

"Kokoshibo.. I wanna talk to you after im done with Douma." Muzan said with a furious aura. "Yes sir." Kokoshibo said while getting down on 1 knee.

"Leave , both of you." Muzan growled , being left alone with Douma.

"Why , Douma? Just.. Fucking tell me why YOU.. Out of all demons would do this?!"

"Muzan! Im sorry , okay?! Kokoshibo was taking my dear Akaza away!" Douma yelled.

Muzan went closer to Douma , sharpening his nails before digging them into Doumas head , making Douma gasp and cry out.

"If you EVER.. Do anything like this again i swear on my life ill fucking kill you. Ill make sure you feel an excruciating death!"

Douma blacked out.

Muzan grabbed Douma by the hair and threw him out the room , leaving him laying there with his life feeling like its draining out of him slowly , all bloody.

After Muzan disposed of Douma , He summoned Kokoshibo.

"Did you.. Need something , Master Muzan?" Kokoshibo asked.

"Come here."

Kokoshibo went closer to Muzan cautiously , before falling to his knees at the demon kings feet.

"Why was Akaza with you when you came back?!" Muzan asked , grabbing Kokoshibo by the kimono.


"Answer me , Kokoshibo."

"Douma.. He uhm.."

"He what?!" Muzan growled , pulled Kokoshibo up slightly by the kimono.

Kokoshibo sighed as he got ready for what was gonna happen to him.

"He took Akaza back , severely injuring him. But i came in time to stop him from.. Killing him." Kokoshibo muttered.

Muzan narrowed his eyes at Kokoshibo , before pulling him up.

"Unforgivable. I told you if anything happened to Akaza you know what'll happen."

"Muzan.. Im sorry. I never expected this to happen. If i have to face a punishment im fine with it."

"God , Kokoshibo. How loyal you are.. Makes me impressed." Muzan said , pulling Kokoshibo closer.

"Uhm.. I-"

"Dont speak unless you were told."

Muzan , being the male slut he is , pulled him closer , flustering the shit out of Kokoshibo.

I already have a boyfriend.. Why am i getting so flustered..? Kokoshibo thought.

"Oh , so your already dating someone? Well sorry to break it to you but.."

"That wont matter right now."

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