《Saharan Successor》Vol. 1 - Chapter 23 - A Task? Doing Gabrils Chores


Vol. 1 - Chapter 23 - A Task? Doing Gabrils Chores

Gabrils, who heard Mathias said that along with the Archbishop, he wanted to release a broad smile and thank Mathias for having him in mind.

"Old man, you still have a soul. If you took even my last bottle, I wouldn't be able to go to the mound and pray for the Goddess."

"Yeah, sure. Come, kid. Do you know how to open that bottle? If you do, unseal that bottle for me since I have my hands full."

Nodding his head as he walked toward the old man, he took the keys from Fayrene's house and stabbed them on the cork in such a way that he didn't push it inside the bottle. Later he started to unscrew the cork with careful movements, and after a brief moment, the sound of the bottle releasing its pressure was heard.

"Sir, you need a glass?"

"Nah, give me the bottle already."

Complying with the old man's request, he passed the bottle of wine. Then, seeing the old man down the bottle of wine, leaving only half of the bottle, reminded him of his grandfather.

Especially with the manner he spoke and acted, it was like a mirror of his old man.

"Good wine. Tsk, hey Gabrils, did you really brew this?"

"No comment, old man." said Gabrils, looking with some desire to drink too, but the old man took another sip from the bottle before tossing it to Mathias.

Receiving the bottle with some surprise, he then heard the Archbishop telling him.

"You can finish the bottle. I will start healing this brat. Back away."

As he said that, he pushed his staff deeper in Gabrils wound that was pulsing with darkness, and he began giving a prayer to Rebecca that was instantly responded, increasing his divine power in the process.

Mathias, who was at the door by now, could see the fight between light and darkness taking part right in front of his eyes.

[You have encountered the clash between concepts you don't understand of transcendent power. In this clash, you learned a precious lesson for the future]

[Your intelligence has risen by 10]

'Gosh, that light power is divine power, and the dark is the dark power of demons and Yatan?'

Quietly observing from the sidelines the fight of the Archbishop who began saying another prayer that Mathias tried to remember, he saw his old face sweating a lot, making him worry a bit about things escalating.

However, this worry faded when he heard the old man speak with an annoyed voice.

"How much 'Yatan Essence' did those scumbags wasted on you, Gabrils. For fuck sake, I wasted 20% divine power resources on this bugger. Prepare for the last push brat, I will exterminate all the remaining darkness in the wound. You do the rest."

Then gathering more divine power in his staff and hands, he pressed them on the chest wound, later making Gabrils groan in pain and roar in agony, but slowly in this hellish atmosphere, the middle-aged man began to loosen up, and his initial pain to lessen.

After 5 more minutes, the Archbishop withdrew his staff from the wound and smacking Gabrils face, he told him with a tired tone.

"Brat, you will for sure kill me at this rate. You tell me, how could I pass the Cathedral in your hands if you can't even deal with some Yatan dogs? Who would protect our Cathedral prestige and glory in Saharan? The royal family? Hah, Juander is most likely using us for his own prestige and schemes."


"I know, father Julius, this was because I spent most of my powers in dealing with the Lich and was assaulted by the two Yatan servants. This won't repeat anymore."

"So be it, recuperate for now. Your divine powers are so low that it makes you just like a normal person."

As the old man said that, he moved out of the house, but before doing that, he looked at Mathias and patted his head a bit, saying with a grateful tone.

"Little boy, we will meet for quite a while in the following week, so here take this seal of mine, and if any priest or paladin starts annoying you, just show them this seal of mine. They will scram immediately at first glance.


[You have cleared the quest 'Settling Archbishop Julius thirst' successfully gaining the following rewards:]

[Affinity increased with Julius by 5 & 'Archbishops Seal of Passage']


Looking at the platinum seal in his hand with surprised eyes and later at the old man who just smiled at him warmly, he could only bow his head and thank him.

"Father, I don't understand what you meant when saying that. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the seal."

"Don't worry, little boy, Gabrils will instruct you what you shall do today while he is recovering."

Saying that he exited the house, leaving only Gabrils and Mathias inside.

The middle-aged man looked with vigilant eyes around the room, making Mathias also be vigilant, but after 10 minutes, he took a deep breath, saying to him.

"Mathias, you really are a good friend and even managed to trick the old man. My booze stash is still intact and alive. Can you get me something from my room?"

"Sure, Gabrils. What do you want?"

"Come closer, and get underneath my bed, be careful because there are some rat traps and maybe some spiders."

Mathias was executing under Gabrils instructions and got down underneath the bed and began looking for what the middle-aged man was looking for.

"Move slowly, and don't get caught in the traps or spiderwebs. After you get to the center, try the planks. If you find a plank that is weaker, this one is the key, remove the wooden plank and get me one of the bottles from there."


Coordinated by Gabrils instructions, he stumbled quickly on that plank he pointed out, and barely able to move his arms, he removed that wooden plank and brought it inside the opening. The first sensation at a touch was of glass texture and after blindingly touching around the bottles trying to get a grip on one of them.

He brought his hand holding a glass bottle, and placing back the plank he took off, he got out from underneath the bed and while covered by spider webs and a lot of dust.

"Found them, Gabrils. What do you have here?"

"Booze from the lands of the Dwarfs. It is so strong that it can drop anyone on their butt once they taste it. This will help me handle my healing process and the pain from my wounds."

[You have cleared the quest 'Meet Gabrils again' and gained the following rewards:]

[Affinity with Gabrils increased by 15 points & 5500 experience]


After he got the bottle of alcohol from Mathias, Gabrils grabbed the head of the bottle, and using his divine powers, he began heating up the bottle head, and in just some seconds, the cork was sent flying.

"You liked that trick I did to open the bottle? Compared to your old-fashioned method, mine is smoother and mysterious."


'I know that trick too is just that I don't have a heat source.'

Ending that, he dropped some alcohol on his wound, that he released a funny yell, and after that, he took a mouthful of that alcohol.

"Hah, this feels much better. Those Talima Dwarfs really know their stuff. Want some Mathias?"

"No, from what the old man said, I should expect some work from you, correct?"

As Mathias asked that, Gabrils took another mouthful of alcohol. After that, he nodded his head, saying to him with a helpless expression.

"Can't you see in what state I am? Aside from having my bones broken needing recovery time, I also have to heal the wound those Yatan bastards did to me. Still, this doesn't excuse me from work in the church, but gladly I got you around. Do you want to help me out with my job while I recover?"


[Covering the chores of Gabrils]

Difficulty: B

After coming wounded from a mission, High Paladin has been bound to his bed, recovering from his wounds. Yet this doesn't remove him from the requirements of each priest and Paladin of the 'Light's Cathedral' required to clean the Cathedral grounds, its interior, and exterior.

Because you have cleared the first quest, and he views you as if you are similar to a son, or nephew, he plans to have you clear his tasks for the period he is recuperating.

Quest Clear Conditions: Clear all the tasks Gabrils was supposed to do in his absence.

Quest Rewards: [2] levels & Possible Positive Events & 'Gabrils Blessing'.

Quest Failure: [-2] levels & Continuing Gabriel's job for an extended time without benefiting from any events.


"There is no problem with the task. Cleaning is something I can do without much fuss," said Mathias to Gabrils, who gave a warm smile while quickly shifting in pain after the alcohol attacked his wound.

[You accepted the quest.]

"This is great. Then I shall no longer keep you busy. Go search for Jeanne. He will tell you what to do and guide you a bit on the job. Don't get scared of him when you meet him, he is a pure person that suffered a lot in his life. But, I will tell you from the start, so you don't curse me later. Jeanne is suffering from a curse, so when you meet him, you will understand the situation.


"Understood. There's no problem, I want to believe that I am an open-minded person."

"Right, then it should be even easier. Go on already, or that old man will punish me even more."


Getting back on the Cathedral's mound, he still could see the players trying to join the church but were rejected by the priests.

Seeing Mathias come back, the priests frowned, but the one he talked with noticed him and went to greet him.

"Did you manage to meet him?"

Nodding his head at the priest, he then asked the priest for Jeanne. "Gabrils said I should talk with Jeanne about the job Gabrils was supposed to do at the church. Where can I find him?"

This green named priest looked at Mathias with big eyes before he composed himself and gazed at the players and then him, he said simply. "Follow me."

The players who saw Mathias enter the Cathedral pointed angrily at him while saying to the priests. "This is not fair. Why can he enter inside the church? He is the same as us, a cursed one."

"It doesn't concern you, people. Back off if you don't want to be punished." said one of the priests, already annoyed by the pestering players.


Once inside the 'Light's Cathedral', he could see the grandiose frescoes and mosaics similar to real life, using religious motifs of saints and angels on the ceiling. The arches and supporting beams of the cathedral were all made of marble stone decorated with various sculptures.

Moving slowly after the priest who guided him, he watched the golden chandeliers with burning candles, making him realize how small he was compared to this building. Looking at the frescos and decorations, he suddenly bumped into the back of the priest.

"Ohh, sorry. It is my first time inside the Cathedral."

"No worries, it is understandable. We should go to the right-wing of the church. There is the managing section of the Cathedral where the Bishop is located."

Not saying anything, he arrived following the priest Andreas in front of a wooden door that leads to a part of the cathedral he didn't expect to see.


Hearing this feminine, angelic voice coming from outside, after Andreas knocked on the door, he was stared at by the priest who whispered to him.

"Don't say or do something stupid in front of Bishop Jeanne. You'll understand once we enter inside."

'This is weird, Gabrils also mentioned something about Jeanne being cursed. She really has a mesmerizing voice, as if it is one of those masterpiece movies played by the best actresses.'

Getting inside the small section of the church, he could see that it was almost like a medieval room where at the back of this room, a person that was closer in height with him, slightly taller, about 1,84 meters in height, gave him the vibe that he had a beautiful actress in front of him. Yet as he was staring at his name, he could see apart from the golden plated name 'Jeanne' made him ponder, if he had a woman, or a man.

'Gabrils, what curse is this? You called him a he, but what I see is a woman, a gorgeous one at that.'

However, he still couldn't believe his eyes, and thought to keep Jeanne as a 'her'. This Jeanne was so feminine that it made him remember the high models of his real life.

Jeanne had long curly blonde hair, milky white skin that seemed delicate to the touch, warm hazel eyes shielded by a pair of glasses. He was wearing the robes of a priest, but this didn't mean much to his eyes, so Mathias still wanted to believe Jeanne was a girl.

"Oh, it is you? What was your name? Well, whatever, I am too busy these days. Who could this young man be? Didn't Archbishop Julius order to no longer let the newcomers join the church so randomly?" asked Jeanne in his angelic voice, which had Mathias gulp down his saliva because this situation was so awkward.

"Bishop Jeanne, let me explain. This person will do Lord Gabrils chores until he recovers from the wounds he suffered because of the Yatan Church."

"Is he the one called Mathias? Oh my. Gabrils's friend. How can you stay there, come step forward, let me greet you." rose Jeanne on his feet to receive Mathias, revealing the slim silhouette that made him identical to a woman in man clothes.

'What curse could do this? Even in fantasy stories, authors rarely even pull this. Only those creeps that have weird fetishes make such scenarious of having boys turned into women. The developer of this character is for sure a pervert and a creepy person. It could be a woman who pulled this? No, I doubt. They are usually into men-to-men relations.

"Something wrong, Mathias?" asked Jeanne with a worried expression, looking with his hazel clear eyes at Mathias.

Shaking his head to awake from his stupor, he stepped forward, facing Jeanne before he bowed down to him, and with a calm expression that had Jeanne pleased, he said..

"I greet you, Your Grace. I am indeed Gabrils friend, and he asked to help him out with the chores until he would recover from his wounds."

Nodding with a warm expression, Jeanne extended her hand to caress Mathias' face, which the latter just took in quietly, sensing the delicate touch that was similar to Fayrene.

Then as Jeanne was caressing his face with a warm smile, Mathias could feel his body covered in a warm white light that began entering his body.

[Bishop Jeanne has healed your body and fatigue and done a 'Minor Blessing' granting you 10% of your stats.] -> Stamina [100/100]

"Such a beautiful gesture to help your older friend. It makes me happy knowing that Gabrils managed to make himself a friend after his seclusion from outside of the world. Sigh, you don't know how many nights I have cried whenever I would see him all alone." said Jeanne with a feminine angelic voice, making Mathias' look up at her face.

'I am conflicted. I don't know what to believe. Your touch felt so good that I couldn't even feel crept by him. Heck, if this continues on, he might even turn me on. Tsk, why did those guys have to tell me you are a man? I wouldn't mind at all if you were a woman. Let's get done with this quest too.'

"Bishop Jeanne, thank you for the blessing, but you really shouldn't waste your divine power on me since I come to work, not be blessed without even doing something."

Receiving Mathias's words, Jeanne looked at Andreas a bit before he turned his gaze at Mathias.

"This was nothing for me. I hope you liked the blessing I gave you, I heard outlanders such as you love those types of blessing."

"I can't really say I don't like it, it's just too wasteful for someone like me."

Jeanne patted Mathias head softly, while saying to him gently.

"Right, I should assign you some chores because Father Julius will for sure take it on Gabrils. However, you need to change your clothes before that. Only the ones wearing the specific priestly clothes can clean the Sacred Cathedral of Light." ended Jeanne saying in a serious voice before he walked to the back of the room, opening a compartment.

After searching casually, giving his back at Mathias and Andreas, left Mathias staring at Andreas, who seemed to look with infatuated eyes at Jeanne's back.

'Man, don't tell me you are some gay? In what scenario did I get stuck into? Not that I don't like this Nicolas, he is just too pure of a person as Gabrils said.'

"AHEM." coughed Mathias next to Andreas, having the priest break his gaze to turn with an annoyed expression at him.

"My, my, this is it. This size should match perfectly with you, dear Mathias."

Seeing Jeanne turning toward him, holding at his chest some priestly clothes all in black, he handed them, saying with a bright smile.

"Go on change and get ready for work. You low priest, you can leave. I will take care of Mathias."

Taking a bit to say something, Andreas bowed his head and exited the room.

"Hmm, Lord Jeanne, is it fine changing here?"

"Just Jeanne is fine when we are alone. You are Gabrils friend. This makes you also my friend." ended Jeanne saying while moving slowly toward his desk, seating on the top, looking at him from there.

[Affinity with Bishop Jeanne has increased by 10 points]

'Don't tell me he likes me or something?'

"Go on, don't be shy."

'Well, I am not really shy, but if you pull something on me, I might be a bit, hmm, scared.'

Gazing at Jeanne' smiling face, who removed his glasses placing them on his pocket, the feminine priest stared at him as if encouraging him for no reason.

Then, when Mathias began changing his clothes, slowly removing the clothing pieces, getting only to socks and underwear, Jeanne gazed intently at his body, especially turning to look at his abdomen muscles and chest.

His eyes shined a bit with bright white light, and slowly he began placing his slender, delicate finger on his lips, pressing it a bit with a fingernail that looked to be similar to women, but Mathias couldn't notice since he was changing his clothes.

[Affinity with Bishop Jeanne has increased by 5 points]

'What now? I only changed my clothes and showed my body. Man don't tell me I have a woman next to me? You know what? Fine, whatever. I will go with the flow. As long as he or she gives me good quests, I'll play along with all your fantasies.'

'Probably many people would wish to get in such a situation, so I will not whine, one bit.'

Getting in the priest's clothes, he saw Jeanne approving gaze, and stepping closer to him, he moved to tidy up his robe with a serene smile. He would also firmly touch his muscles along the way, and whenever Mathias would look at him back, he would just smile back at him.

"This fits you so well. But I heard from Gabrils that you don't want to become a paladin or priest of Rebecca's Church. Sadly, I would have taken you under my wing and taught you my divine skills."

"It is not my calling Jeanne, to be a priest."

"Sigh, understandable, not everyone chooses the light, but you are not so far away from it, dear Mathias. I can feel Rebecca's Blessing on you. This means a lot for us, priests of Rebecca Church, to see an outsider being graced by her splendor herself.

Now let me guide you to the places you should start cleaning, before that we will move to get the cleaning equipment. Follow me closely."

As he said that, he walked side by side with Mathias wearing the priest's clothes, and as Mathias was moving next to Jeanne, he encountered some players who managed to join Rebecca's church, who stopped in place when seeing Jeanne.

"Wow, is the angel herself. Bro, look, she came out from her office guiding that guy. Ahhh, lucky him, look, they are shoulder to shoulder."

"Argh, I am so jealous. I joined because I saw the video of her from one guy who encountered her, transmitting the message that Rebecca Church would only take a small number of players."


Mathias could hear those guys being all jealous of him, but he walked calmly. Instead, Jeanne was the one giving off a bright smile when hearing all of those comments about himself. Giggling, he giggled, saying in an angelic voice.

"They think I am a woman. How funny don't you think, dear Mathias. But they are not half wrong on that."

'More hints… So are you a man or woman? I bet all my money you are a woman, from how you act. Damn, those devs really like to play with me throwing such unique character on my way.'

"Well. It is undeniable that you are very… angelic. But what is on outside is totally different compared to what is inside. Many people might look okay on outside but are demons inside. You seem to be all out an angelic person."


"Ohh my, you think so, even comparing me with the pure beings? I can't take such a compliment."

'Man, just leave me alone. I just want to work. The picking up is a secondary act unavoidable since he already has 15 affinity with me.'

[Hearing your compliments, Bishop Jeanne secretly appreciates what you have complimented. He only opened up to a few people in his life since being cursed and having his life destroyed. He who was secluded for most of his life only opened up about his tragedy 3 times and you reached that list of possible true friends.]

[Your affinity with Jeanne increased by 5 point.]

[There is a chance for Jeanne to give you hidden quests and reward you.]

'Reward me? Hidden Quests? This sounds suspicious.'

Thinking that, he gazed at Jeanne who blushed like a woman, stealing some gazes at him before shily avoiding his gaze. As Jeanne did that, he would fiddle his curly long blonde hair while keeping the silence between one another.

' Ohh I know this feeling. I am in danger.'

'At this rate, Jeanne will for sure take me to his bed forcefully if I keep on interacting with him. But is not like I am a jerk who ignores people for no reason if they talk with me. I grew up respecting people around me and also not judging the ones around me. If worse comes, at least he got holes.'

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