《Saharan Successor》Vol. 1 - Chapter 7 - The Basic Spear Skills & Raven's Movement


Vol. 1 - Chapter 7 - The Basic Spear Skills & Raven's Movement

Corvus took his time to drink his beer and didn't even bother with Mathias. After finishing his beer, with alcohol dripping from his beard, Corvus got up from his seat and began walking out of the tavern

Yet before exiting for good, Corvus looked at the tavern owner at the counter and said in a bored tone.

"Brother Edmon, don't cut the pay yet. I'll come back in a few minutes and continue drinking until I fall asleep."

"Sigh, brother Corvus, you should take it slow with the alcohol. It's not your fault your brother Piaro got in that mess along with the rest of Red Knight's and the Welf House."

Corvus didn't bother to talk back, but his expression turned slightly frosty when the tavern owner said that. Later he turned his head to Mathias, and with an angry tone, said.

"Get moving, you little shit. I don't have all the time in the world to waste it with you."

'Yet you can do it while drinking?' thought Mathias to himself while moving toward Corvus, who was at the door, exiting the tavern.

After that, Corvus walked towards the tavern's back, where there was some sort of courtyard that had at its centre an old tree like it was a space used to store things.

'That's the training place? I didn't expect to see such a big tree. It also seems quite old and has lots of marks on the bark.'

Corvus went towards the tree and swiftly moved his hand, grabbing a long branch and snapping it off, tossing it to Mathias, who is watching, confused.

After that, he also snapped another long branch that looked like a spear, just like Mathias' and with a lazy and annoyed expression, he said.

"Kid, tell me why you want to learn the spear?"

"Because it is the king of weapons?" replied Mathias while holding the large stick that felt like a staff.

Corvus still looked annoyed at Mathias, waiting for him to add more to what he just said.

"Compared to the sword, that so many stories and everyone's views are on, just because the ones with status and power used them, and were the center of many stories, doesn't mean I have to use them, right? Also, compared to the sword, spears are better by far. I could simply pierce the throat of a sword-wielding idiot and win the fight."

Then as he said that, he felt that something hit him in the head that struck him to the ground.

[You've suffered an unexpected hit and lost 15 HP]

'Motherfucker. That hurt like one of those bastards in the neighborhood hit me at night.'

Raising his head to look slightly angry at Corvus, he noticed that the drunkard started laughing as if he found something funny.

"Little shit, you talk big, but you know just a small truth. The spear has many shapes, from halberds, polearms and the usual spear, and many other variants. It is a weapon created for the sole purpose of killing the enemy in the most efficient manner and without using fancy moves like how those sword users try to pull."

'I know that. Just get started already and teach me some moves because I doubt the stuff I learned from the internet will help me.'

Mathias, while thinking that, could only nod his head and fully agree with what Corvus said.

[You've suffered another hit and lost HP 15]

He was struck once again by Corvus's stick however this time in his chest, that hit sent him to the ground.


"I don't want your approval, you smartass. You just stay there silently and only watch and listen. I will not repeat myself at all. You learn what you can before scramming to Gabrils."

"I understand."

The instant Mathias said that, he was struck once again by a fast strike that went straight for his stomach.

[You've suffered a hit and lost 20 HP]

'Damned crazy fuck. Stop hitting me for no reason. Do you have a problem with people and can't behave like a normal human?' thought Mathias angrily when he found himself once again on the ground and with his body hurting all over the place.






Name: Mathias / Class: Beginner /

Level: 1(0/100) / Titles: None

Health: 76/126 / Mana:20/20


'If I get hit three or four more times, I am dead. Damn asshole, just give me a break and teach me some basic skills.'



Corvus, who was only focused on moving the branch he took from the tree, looked at Mathias' face and when he saw the serious, cold, green eyes, he nodded his head and began taking a few steps back. Next, he increased his presence with a heavy step forward.

His energy began increasing around himself, making Mathias think he saw the Super Saiyan transformation, yet he kept staring at Corvus. Simultaneously he also opened the recording interface, so he could have a reference for the future.

Right before Mathias's eyes, Corvus began doing a series of slow footsteps, as if showing him the manner they should be placed on the ground and the manner he held the stick, which was interesting to him.

Sidestepping around the empty zone with the stick held forward, he introduced another variation of steps to the simple footstep that had Mathias full attention.

'Huh, the kid seems to be still following me after introducing [Raven's Movement]. Interesting, let's see what you can pick up from me, kid.' thought Corvus while stopping in place after doing his footwork.

Mathias took his spear in the basic guards that any spearman would learn, [High Guard], [Middle Guard] [Lower Guard], which Mathias followed closely without missing much of his movements. He felt that the spear art was quite simple and basic, but he didn't show it on his face.

Corvus took his spear in the basic guards that any spearman would learn, [High Guard], [Middle Guard] [Lower Guard], which Mathias followed closely without missing much of his movements.

Following those guards, he began demonstrating something unknown to Mathias, it was a raise of a spear that followed the same technique the sword guard [Wrath] would follow and, with a quick movement placing the large stick back to a [Middle Guard].

Like this, he used many techniques Mathias didn't expect to see, which quickly made him think while still watching closely what Corvus was doing.

'He just used a sword guard? Wait, what? But why?'

After those guards, Corvus went to show Mathias what the basic strikes of a spear were like, from the basic thrust to the most basic spear strikes, a downward slash from the upper guard. Slowly like he was showing a baby, he began increasing the intensity of his moves so that Mathias could barely see what the drunkard was doing."

'Ohh God, this guy really is good. I need to focus. I need to focus, or the recording will not even be taken properly.' thought Mathias while he felt total admiration for the skills Corvus was showing him and how smooth his movements were.




The moment Corvus sensed that Mathias lowered his focus towards his movements, he used one of those movements he demonstrated and did a strike that sent Mathias flying straight to the old tree.


[You've suffered a devastating hit and lost 100 HP]

'What happened? Did this drunk fuck throw another tantrum? I am not dead? Ahh, yes, my HP recovers 1 per 30 seconds when I am not in combat.'

"Focus, little shit. I bet one strong wine you didn't understand a single thing from what I did here."

"Hmph, do you think I am some retard who can't follow by example? I might not be able to pull off such fast spear movements and footsteps since I am just a beginner, but the basic ones, I got them."

"Then why don't you use your spear to block my strikes, you stupid kid? Do you enjoy being hit so much? If this were a genuine spear with a blade point, you would be dead with each of the strikes I hit you with."

"Huh, you hit me with a purpose? I thought you were just a drunkard who likes to throw those drunk tantrums."

The instant Mathias said that, he saw Corvus looking a bit irked, moving to hit him with a slightly slower strike that his eyes could pick up.

'This one can be blocked with the [Middle Guard].'

Thinking that, he quickly grasped the large stick in his arms and pointing the end of the stick toward Corvus at a middle point. Mathias advanced and moved a bit his stick to deflect the strike.

'I've done it. I always knew my visual memory was good.'

"You said you want to bet on a strong wine? You got a deal. I'll show you what managed to pick up from your dancing moves." said Mathias with a confident tone to a Corvus who still looked at him annoyed.

However, when Corvus heard that, he smirked at Mathias and took his spear and attacked him with another slower piercing strike that was targeting his legs.

With a [Lower Guard] Mathias used one of the simple footsteps he picked from Corvus, and with a raise of the branch, he blocked the piercing strikes.

"How was that, you drunkard? Quite good, right?"

"You are still just a little inexperienced shit that tries to mimic someone. Just like a little dog trying to do tricks for his master."

Saying that, Corvus increased his rhythm and had Mathias go all tense and sweaty from all the movements he had to do and think in his mind.

To counter the rapid strikes, Mathias uses the odd footsteps [Raven's Movement] showed to him earlier, forcing Corvus to stop his assault and even land a few of his own attacks in.

[You've dealt 1 damage.]

[You've dealt 1 damage.]


Only landing two light strikes on Corvus, one on his chest area and the other one right on his arm. He knew those hits amounted to nothing against this drunkard, but he was smiling proud of himself, of what he managed to achieve.

"Piss off kid. Your hits couldn't even scratch my back or ass."

As Corvus said that he used an upper guard strike from the wrath that sent Mathias flying yet again into the old tree.

[You've suffered devastating damage. Beware, you are near death.]

Hearing this notification, Mathias said behind his teeth with a pained tone and expression. "No shit, Sherlock. You think I don't understand that I am in a deep mess?"

Just after he said that, he opened his eyes and could see that Corvus was approaching him with a casual face, which made him try to raise on his feet, but he received another notification.



[Your stamina has depleted, your movement are impaired.]

[Stamina will recover over time.]

"Little shit, it seems you've lost the bet. You need to get me a strong wine, otherwise I will hunt you down, regardless of you being a cursed one."

"Do I even have a choice?" asked Mathias from where he was while looking at Corvus approaching him.

"Weren't you the one who accepted the bet, feeling confident that you learned the spear? Anyway, this is all I had to teach you to put some basics in you. What you do with those skills, it doesn't concern me. I honoured my end of the bargain with Gabrils."

Mathias could only sigh and stare as Corvus approached until he was a foot length next to him.

"Here, kid, take this coin. It will be enough to buy a cheap spear from the Weapon Shop in the zone. So you don't say I am really a piece of shit that would let you with the wooden stick."

As Corvus said that he tossed a golden coin to Mathias that landed straight to his opened shirt pocket which he caught.


[1 gold has been acquired.]


After that he turned away from Mathias and started to move toward the tavern, one could see a small smirk on his face, as if he didn't expect much from Mathias, and yet he delivered plenty of surprises.

Seeing Corvus leave, Mathias could only sigh and take the gold coin in his hand, staring at the imprinted face of a man with a mature face, he received a notification from his quest.



[Your performance was decent in the eyes of Corvus, deeming you mediocre in the attempt at using some of his intermediate skills. As a result of watching and learning from an advanced spear user, you unlocked and learned the following skills.]

[Basic Spear Mastery - unlocked - Lv.1]

-Increase attack power and attack speed by 0.5 when a spear is equipped.


"Raven's Movement? What's this? Are these those steps I copied from the drunkard and used against him to land those strikes? Let me check since I can barely move my limbs from the lack of stamina."




[Raven's Movement - Lv.1]

Rating: Unique

Skill Type: Active Skill

Skill Effect: Special Skill

*** During the cast and until the cancelling of the ability, your movement speed is increased by 10%, your agility by 3% and dodge chance by 10%. ***

Mana Consumption: 5 MP per second

Skill Cooldown Time: No Cooldowns.




"Wow, this footwork is a unique rated skill? But how? From the outside, it only looks like some stumbling of feet, in and out, or around your enemy, trying to make him guess wrong.

Looking toward the tavern, Mathias said to himself in an impressed tone. "Corvus, I'll take my words back. You aren't really a shitty drunkard. Your skills are actually worth studying over. So glad that I recorded everything."

"Now I'll have to check on a spear? Or should I check on the mage lady, Gabrils recommended?"

'Map' thought Mathias in his mind, and at the same time opened the city map interface where his location was highlighted with a red dot, along with the parts he explored or knew about.

"Hoh, I didn't expect the blacksmith those guys on the streets talked about to be this close to me. Let's check there first, and I'll seek out the mage later."

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