《Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard》More Question than Answers


After a few seconds of thinking, he replied: "Why don't you fix the problems yourself?"

However, Snape just looked at him plainly before answering: "There is no need to mock me. If I could solve the problem myself, I would not have asked you!"

"Why can't you solve the problem yourselves?" continued Edward.

"Isn't it obvious, Mr. Bones. I do not understand any of these muggles' so-called science and technology."

"Why don't you solve the problem using magic?" asked Edward back while looking directly into Snape's eyes.

"What do you mean?" asked Severus with a confused look on his face. "If you have something to say, please be blunt."

"You are an excellent potion master, have you thought about using magic potions to solve the problem?"

Snape had a pensive look on his face for more than half a minute before he asked: "How would I go about doing that?"

"Simple," replied Edward with a smile on his face. "Since we know that the problem lies with the clone's DNA, what you have to do is invent a potion that stabilizes the DNA.

"You can acquire a bunch of magical herbs or plants, then have muggle prisoners eat them and observe the different effects on their bodies--especially the DNA. Then, with your expertise as a Potion Master, it should be quite easy for you to create a potion that can stabilize the clone's DNA after a few trial and errors."

Severus Snape took a few seconds before calmly nodding in acknowledgement of the idea. However, despite his serious face, Edward swore that he saw sparkles in Snape's eyes after hearing his idea. Or maybe, it was just in his head.

After this brief conversation, Severus left in order to prepare for the potion. Meanwhile, Edward was thinking of something completely different.


He walked to one of the clones and took out his wand, "Resero Codexvita". Then, the Life Code of these clones appeared in front of him. This spell was the result of his research in the last month during vacation.

It allowed him to access the Life Code of any human, wizard, or animal without any machines or applying countless ocular spells on himself.

As expected, the Body Section of these people's Life Code was as unstable as their DNA. However, Edward was not paying attention to this.

What he was wondering about was about the fact none of the clones actually had a magic core and magic powers; so technically speaking, they were muggles.

After their souls are placed back on their bodies, would something change or would they remain the same?

According to Edward's understanding, bloodline was responsible for granting wizards magic powers, and none of these clones had any bloodline according to their Life Codes. Additionally, a person' soul is connected to their bloodlines.

So, would they regain their magical connections after their soul returned to their bodies? After all, souls have been seen to perform magic. A perfect example of that was when the souls of Harry Potter's parents and Cedric Diggory managed to use magic for a brief moment when Voldemort tried to kill Harry Potter in the grave after his resurrection.

Another example is the fact that Voldemort was able to use some sort of magic to possess Quirrell's body while he was still in the shape of a soul.

If it is proven that the soul can indeed use magic, Edward then wondered whether a muggle would acquire magical powers after the soul of a wizard occupied his body?

Although Edward has deep research in the soul, he never actually thought of these questions until now. Unfortunately, for him, it will take quite a while before he finds the answers to the questions. His study of the Life Code has just begun and he has a great deal of things to learn.


After dealing with the problems at the Cloning Research Lab. Edward returned to the castle. He first tried to find Helena, however, he did not see her as she seemed to be avoiding him.

Then, he took the opportunity to read the book that Neville gifted him this morning. This was a book about Herbology. After reading it, Edward discovered that this was a very old book and a very precious one too; he guessed that it might be one of the family heirlooms of the Longbottom family.

This book includes the names of some very old and extinct magical herbs and plants, and their functions. It even describes other herbs that can be used as replacement for the extinct one, and more importantly, possible theories on how to actually re-cultivate these lost herbs.

In general, this book was quite informative to Edward.

However, he was actually quite surprised that he did not have this book in his collection. During his days as a thief, he also visited the Longbottom family. Of course due to their relationship, he did not really steal anything and chose to copy all their books.

Surprisingly though, he did not have this book. It was then that Edward realized that maybe these families may have kept their most precious things somewhere else--possibly in Gringotts.

'Maybe I should pay a visit to Gringotts one of these days,' secretly thought Edward to himself. Then, he fell asleep after reading the book. He wanted to go to bed early as tomorrow was his first day as a professor.

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