《Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard》The Interview (II)


After transmigrated to this world, Edwards was also granted his golden finger, however his was not some system or mysterious object. It was a perfect memory that allowed him to remember every single thing as long as he focused his mind.

His golden finger was essentially the same thing as the Mind Scape that he has seen in so many fanfictions of his past. However, his's was innate. Another golden finger he has was his overwhelming talent for magic.

Like Voldemort, at 6 years old, he could easily control and use magic as if it was a part of him. Whether it was floating things, making them disappear, or lighting things on fire, he could easily do them.

Not to mention his overwhelming understanding or comprehensive abilities. Edward could easily learn most spells after reading about them and practice a few times. Magic was natural to him as breathing.

However, Edward still had to face some problems when he first transmigrated. One of which was his parents. It turned out that he was born in the midst of the First Wizarding War--a time where Voldemort' strength was at an all time high.

Wizards and their families were dying every single day. Things turned worse for Edward when he realized that his father was Edgar Bones, the brother of Amelia Bones from the original story and a close member of the Order of Phoenix. Edward knew that his father, mother, and him were fated to die in the war.

So, he urged them to stop fighting and run away together. But his Hufflepuff father did not listen to him in the slightest as he continued to fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Knowing that his life was at stake, Edward managed to convince his parents to take certain measures. For example, the Fidelius Charm on their house. As for the Secret-Keeper, Edwards chose the house-elf, Momo.


The reason for that was due to the fact house-elves were extremely loyal to their masters and would rather die than reveal the secret. Another reason was that these guys had the ability to Apparate and most anti-Apparition of wizards are useless for them.

Of course, this was far from the end. Edward's paranoia at that time reached its peak. He had his parents install many muggle weapons in the house, then have them magically altered. So, if someone were to intrude in his house, not only would that person have to get rid of the Protective Enchantments, they also had to deal with a few Gatling Guns.

And just like that, Edward lived safely until it was time to attend Hogwarts. In the five years in between, he mastered all 7 years of knowledge before even entering school.

In order to protect himself and his family, Edward was real quiet during his first few years of school. He did not want his genius to attract the attention of Voldemort.

In order to be safe, he almost never went out. Even when attending school, he did not go through the train, but had Momo directly teleport him there.

Unfortunately for Edward, at the end of his second grade, he still received the news that his parents were killed during a confrontation with Voldemort. The irony of this was the fact that his parents died the same year that the Dark Lord died.

After grieving for his parents, he went to live with his aunt Amelia. Then, Edward no longer hid his talent.

During his time at Hogwarts, he asked all the professors their understanding of magic and spells. After absorbing their knowledge and experiences, he started to make waves in the magic world.

He invented countless spells, won countless awards. The Ministry of Magic then used his genius halo as a form of propaganda to distract wizards from the horror of the war they had just experienced. They packaged him as the next Dumbledore, and Edward lived up to the expectations. He won all the awards the headmaster won when he was young, and even some he did not have the chance to.


As for Edward, he used his newfound fame to get in contact with some of the most knowledgeable wizards still alive. He communicated and exchanged ideas with them on a constant basis.

After graduation, he wanted to come teach at Hogwarts, but Dumbledore refused him on the grounds that he was too young. After that, Edward started to travel the world.

And his travel was not for sightseeing, but stealing. Using methods like Imperius Curse, Polyjuice Potion, and Human Transfiguration, he infiltrated all the magical schools in the world by impersonating some teachers. Then, he copied all the books in their library.

And this method was not only used for those 11 schools. No, he did the same with all the wizard families that have a long heritage. And his grasp did not only reach England, but the whole entire world.

Even the muggles were not spared. According to history lessons, Edwards knew that many witches and wizards were hunted in ancient times. So, he theorized that many ancient magic books might be still in the hands of certain muggle authorities.

And he was right.

After successfully sneaking into the Vatican' Secret Archive, Edward discovered many real magic books containing lost knowledge. Of course, many of these books were also fake. However, even the fake books inspired him as they provided him with ideas or directions for creating new spells.

Of course, during his years as a thief, Edward still encountered a few troubles. Certain people could not be controlled by the Imperius Curse and certain vaults needed specific bloodlines to open.

However, this problem was solved by a muggle flower called Devil's Breath. It allowed Edward to eliminate a person's free will and control them to do his bidding. After magically processing this flower, the ability intensified and Edward got away with it.

As a result, in the past 5 years, Edward's knowledge has reached an unimaginable. He could even argue that his knowledge is on par with Dumbledore if not stronger.

Only two things that he could think that he is worse than the hedmaster: his experience in battle, and the amount of magical powers inside of him.

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