《Two Brothers》Chapter 1


Stepping out of the elevator Nakul Varma, the owner of one of the top seven star hotel in the city of Pune, Golden Tulip, walked fast to the conference room. Upon entering the conference room his secretary wished him and handed the file to him.

Checking the file, he shouted at his staffs "What the hell where you people doing? How could someone buy such a large amount of our shares? And no one noticed? Then why am I paying you all?"

"Sir, we think they were buying the shares little by little for past one year with different names. But the surprising fact is they were able to convince Mr. Khurana and Mr. Rao to selling their stock shares too. We assume that, whoever it is they want to get a hold on the board of members." His secretary informed.

Slowly rubbing his forehead Mr. Varma asked "And who is this buyer? Have you got a hold of him?".

"No sir, we are only approached by his lawyer. And they asked for an urgent board meeting by tomorrow morning. He said that the new shareholder will introduce himself in the board meeting tomorrow." Secretary replied.

"Ok. Arrange the meeting and ask our lawyer to be present in the meeting. We will see who he is and what he wants." Said Mr. Varma. The secretary nodded and he walked to his office.

While settling in the black leather chair in his office Mr. Varma was thinking about the new mysterious share holder. Who wants to buy the shares and why? Why they want to be in the board? Who wants to take over the hotel from him? He couldn't make out a single suspect. Let's wait and see.

Mr. Varma and other board members where waiting for the new board member in the conference room with their attorneys. The board members were getting impatient because the person is already an hour late. Then the doors to the conference room opened and enter a man in his late 40s. "Good morning everyone, my name is Mr. Amish Takur the legal attorney of the new board member. First of all i apologize for being late. We had to take care of some personal matters, and we guarantee that this won't happen again."


Mr. Varma was on the edge of losing it. He couldn't sleep in the previous night because of all the brainstorming and he is not feeling well since yesterday.

"Cut the crap and ask your employer to come in without wasting our time. Unless someone like you, we have other important things to do." He shouted.

"As your wish Mr. Varma." Saying this with a smile Mr. Takur opened the door and there enter a man with a black three piece Armani Suit, which perfectly fitted his well built body. His long black hair was combed perfectly and impeccably trimmed moustache and beard covered in lower part of face. And also with his more than six foot figure gave an aura of power around him. He flashed a tight lipped smirk and take a look at the people present in the room and his gaze stopped at Mr. Varma's face.

"Hello Mr. Varma, we meet again. After a long time, hope you were doing well all these years. And I hope you remember me. I am Vedant Aryan. Son of Mr. Varun Aryan" he said while extending his hands towards Mr. Varma. The whole room was startled.

"You mean you are Mr. Vedant Aryan of Aryan Group of Real Estate. You are the CEO?" Mr. Sign, one of the board members asked.

"Yes, the exact same one." He replied and again and turned towards Mr. Varma with his extended hands.

With shaking hands Mr. Varma took his hand. He was sweating, the blood drained out of his face. It never once crossed his mind that he will meet him after all these years. He was having this feeling that this is just the start. With a paled face he looked up to Vedant, he had this evil smirk on his face, which gives a shiver down Mr. Varma's spine.

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