《Unkillable Loser》Chapter 5: Introductions


"A t.. tutorial?" I even stuttered, so much for calm under fire.

The man gave a deep sigh as he put his hand underneath his glasses and tiredly rubbed his eyes. He then raised his head and turned toward the prince with the same look I gave the first page of a 30 page paper. He looked so drained I felt a ting of pity on principle despite the situation.

"How much did we pay those outsider mages to make this summoning circle?"

The prince nervously averted his eyes from the man in the suit before answering.

"Oh, n... not a lot. Something like 2... 2000 gold."

The man turned his face towards the ceiling with a look that had transcended the realm of the living. I could say for certain that at this moment this man was 100% dead inside as even the shine left his eyes.

"I feel like the only appropriate course of action is public execution."

The air seemed to chill. The prince had visible cold sweat dripping from his brow. Even Shanks looked uncomfortable with what the man in the suit just said. The man's face then cleared up somewhat back to just being tired. He then turned to the king and us who were all still before putting a small smile on his face.

"Don't worry, I'm just kidding."

No no no no... no. His face was definitely not joking when he said that. I would like to revise my opinion of this man from earlier. This man even makes Shanks feel uncomfortable, he is by far the most terrifying. this was further proven by the prince showing visible relief at him saying he was joking. That meant he could have actually had the magicians publicly executed.

One bright note; the fact that he said magicians meant that this world had magic. I would be thrilled if I wasn't standing in front of a man who waves off execution as a joke. The man turned back to me and the group and gave a smile with a little more depth. He then began to speak despite our stiff expressions, clear confusion, and poor little Bobby still sitting on the ground from where Shanks left him.


"Anyways, I would like to apologize to you all from the bottom of my heart. Normally you would receive a 'tutorial' when being summoned to this world. It's usually built into the summoning circle itself, however.... It doesn't matter anymore! Let me act in place of the tutorial to help ease your minds and explain the situation you find yourselves in."

He stood up straight and evened out his tie before continuing.

"Allow me to first introduce my liege. He is the man in the fancy clothes and is called Altru Kinst, the firstborn son of the king and heir to the throne of this country. Ah! By the way this country is called the Toltan Empire, and it specializes in metallurgy and summoning magic.

The giant in the back is Shanks, just Shanks. He is commander of the prince's personal guard, and the strongest non-magic warrior in the kingdom."

Well, I'll be damned. He's actually acting the part of a tutorial. The fact that he even said the word 'tutorial' throws me off a little bit, but he's not bad with his introduction.

"Oh, I've almost forgotten to introduce myself!" He shook his head lightly. "My name is Roland Black. You may call me Black if you so choose. I am the royal mage in charge of the kingdoms magic development and combat magic. If you have questions later you can always ask me, I'm fond of fostering new generations so that they won't make stupid mistakes."

Black paused momentarily and muttered "like not adding a tutorial into an other-world summon."

His desire to murder was ripe on his face, I could feel a chill from where I was standing in front of him. I decided that I would never piss this man off lest I find myself blown away by a fireball.


He turned to face me as I had this thought and smiled. I will admit I felt some cold sweat on my back.

"Now, young man. There are some things I would like to ask you before I continue explaining. First, I would like to make sure, you come from a planet called Earth, correct?"

"Yes." I answered quickly so as not to give away my nervousness.

"Good, they didn't screw that up as well. Next, could you tell me what year it was in your world?"

"It is.... was 2015."

Black smiled. "I see you catch on pretty quick! Tell me, have you played many video games?"

"Y... Yeah I've played quite a few, are there video games here too?"

"Oh no. Our world hasn't developed that kind of technology yet. However my father was always reminiscing about video games so I've heard quite a bit about them, and I wanted to make sure you were from a time when they were commonplace as it makes explaining WAY easier."

He turned from me to the crowd and starting speaking to the whole group once again. No one had dared to interrupt him after his comments about the mages earlier.

"Since you come from an era of games that makes things simple. Whether or not you have played games you are familiar with basic systems like tutorials, health, and stats on characters, correct?"

Most people nodded their heads.

"When many of our current magic systems were being developed our ancestors used games as a reference to make information about this world easy to understand. You might be curious why but I'll get to that in time. What you do need to know is that the tutorial you were supposed to have would have revealed your purpose in being summoned, your stats, and any special 'abilities' you would acquire through the transmigration between worlds."

"Our... purpose?"

A tiny, shivering voice from the back raised a question I was thinking as well. I realized that the voice was May, and a sudden realization dawned on me.

May has never played a fantasy game or read a fantasy novel in her life. We've talked about it extensively and I could just never convince her to try the genre out. She said she liked things grounded in reality. I found it to be one of the few things that was disagreeable about her.

Since she had never delved into the genre, she must be the most confused and scared by everything happening. I started to regret peeling her hand off my shirt, she must be terrified.

"You know, that's a great question." Said Black with a small smile.

"I guess I should have led with the reason you are all here in the first place. You are here for one reason and one reason only."

His smile disappeared completely and his tone became deadly serious.

"You are all here to help us against the onslaught of the demons."

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