《Drip-Fed》Safe Leaf 8


“This is not what I had in mind,” Aclysia stated as they entered a circular chamber. It was filled with steam, not awfully hot but rather nicely warm, originating from a large pool of water that filled all but the outer rim of the room. It was only half a metre deep on the outside and went no deeper than a full one at the centre, where a steady stream of water bubbled up and caused the pool to overflow into metal grates in the floor, where it vanished somewhere underground. “I am, however, not complaining.”

The metal fairy flew over the water and then dropped. Immediately upon entrance, dirt and dust that had gathered on her during the journey began swirling in the clear water around her. While there was no hygienic need for her to be clean, it felt infinitely nicer.

The filth was immediately diluted and washed away. Apexus sat at the edge of the water making big eyes, basking in the sight of Aclysia as she broke back through the surface, throwing her white hair back in an elegant gesture. The metal she was made from was incredibly light, it needed to be to allow her to fly, so she naturally floated on the surface. She was small, but her wet face was a sight for slimy eyes, especially as she smiled. The tugging in her chest was gone.

Then it returned with a vengeance when Reysha loudly threw her two-piece leather armour and boots against the somewhat dry wall. An action that immediately ripped both Aclysia’s and Apexus’ attention away from each other and towards the tiger girl and her naked body.

Her breasts were nice and firm, almost defying gravity with how firm they were, only sagging the slightest bit despite their decent size, her nipples were of a reddish brown, darker than the rest of her tanned body. Her midriff was as great without the frame of ripped clothes as it was with and her ass was even nicer without the tight leather. Athletic and tight, smooth skin of a delicious light brown, the lower end of a balanced hourglass figure where nothing stuck out too much but the curves were profound nevertheless.

She stepped into the water and then spread out her arms, simply dropping forwards. The grime and blood that was washed off her body hid her from view for a moment, then she resurfaced on all fours. “Nyaaaaaaaaaah,” she sighed in a cattish tone, stretching her back by extending her arms forward and pushing her ass out. The further she stretched, the more her backside looked like the symbol of a heart. Well, the symbol Gizmo told Apexus people used, despite all biological reality.

The slime could see two holes over her smooth thighs, one of them puckered and tightly closed, the other a long slit with pretty pink lips, surrounded by a small sprouting of crimson hair. Over that even was her tail of the same colour, waving back and forth slowly in a content motion. Reysha dropped back under water, then resurfaced in a kneeling position, using the warm water to wash away remaining dirt. The claws on her hands had retracted into the bed of her fingernails.

Watching the tiger girl run her hands through her crimson hair, Aclysia finally realized what that tugging was. She was jealous of the fact that she was a fully working female and Aclysia just had the appearance of one. The dress and the gloves, those were her skin, there was no getting naked, no attempt even at fulfilling her awakener’s sexual attention. The fact that the slime entered her thoughts almost immediately upon her realization sent her mind into a confused tumble.


Apexus failed to notice that, enraptured was he by the sight of Reysha and her smooth skin. Tiger girls were one of the races who were created by a definite pervert, the goddess Phroadi. The male birth rate amongst them was abysmal, leading to harems being the norm in their home leaf of Ragressa. Furthermore, they all had great figures and could either be described as cute or sexy. The only places on their body that naturally grew body hair were their head and their crotch, everything else was as smooth as the day they were born.

As such, even after being banished from the civilized world for months now, those little hairs around her pussy were all Reysha had to complain about. As to why other gods cursed females of their races with bodily hairs, only they knew.

Apexus was not sure what part of her to keep his eyes on. The pointy ears were a weird draw, as was her back and the sides of her breasts. Each of the lines that covered her from neck to rib cage was a potential draw and even the figure of her ass, distorted by the swirling water, the slime wanted to behold. The obvious solution would have been to grow a whole bunch of eyes, but too many sensory organs, particularly of the same type, lead to major nucleus pain from the information overload.

The place his eyes did finally rest on was on her eyes when she turned to look at him, her lips curving into a knowing smile after a surprised second. “Oho, my saviour is checking me out?” she asked, prowling through the water towards the slime and then sitting down on the edge of the water. All her remaining wounds had disappeared, only then did Apexus realize that this was a healing fountain. In its defence, there were very nice thighs radiating heat next to it.

Reysha had a sudden idea and, as the last couple of sudden ideas she had had worked really well for her, immediately spouted it out. “Hey, could you make me smooth again?” she asked, spreading her legs wide open. “This hair is annoying.” It took a special kind of person to ask the acidic chimera monster to function as pubic hair removal. ‘What’s life without a little danger?’ was the tiger girl’s justification for being that special kind of person.

Now Apexus hated the taste of hair but it desperately wanted to be inside or at least close to an attractive woman’s nethers and this was an opportunity on a silver platter. Rat nose, spider legs and all other Growths that could have gotten in the way disappeared into the slime’s mass as Apexus spilled over her.

“You look way cuter without all that extra shit,” Reysha purred, scratching Apexus’ left ear. That touch sent shivers into the slime the kind of which it hadn’t ever known. It was different from all other pleasing things it had experienced, just a direct signal through its liquid nervous system that what it was currently experiencing was not just good, it was downright the best.

The pheromone ducts impregnated the air around Apexus with a mild aphrodisiac as the slime’s lust awoke. Sweet fumes filled the tiger girl’s sensitive nostrils and her purring continued in her throat as the little teasing turned into genuine curiosity. What would it feel like to get fucked by a slime? Today had been a continuous up after a long phase of down and there had to be a climax somewhere.

Her pussy began to glisten slightly and Apexus carefully descended upon it. It had very little experience in aiming its acidic capabilities. However, as the acid was magical in nature, there had to be a way to only dissolve certain things if the slime so desired. It had previously succeeded in concentrating its digestion process on clams to create a hole in their shell, this was just a harder version of that.


“Prickles,” Reysha stated as Apexus opened its outer membrane around the hairs. Its body wanted it to do something else entirely, but that instinct was ignored until the slime succeeded in doing the basic thing it had been told to do. Once the tiger girl was pleased, hopefully she would let it continue.

The comment caused Apexus to dial down the acidity to the point of effective neutrality. He didn’t want to attack that wonderful skin in any way, just the short red hairs that were covering the swelling flesh underneath. Thanks to a rather wide and accurate amount of eaten up knowledge about biology, the slime was pretty aware that both that swelling and the liquid oozing out of the slit were a good thing.

Speaking of the juices, they tasted wonderful, sweet, like a divine nectar. Just another thing Apexus had to ignore as it slowly figured out how to dissolve only the hairs. After several minutes it succeeded. “That’s really neat and nice of you,” Reysha said in a tone that made Apexus hopeful. “I think you can pick a reward.”

And there it was, its way into the tiger girl. Something changed with Apexus’ body the second it was done with the hairs. The smooth, elliptical shape was broken up by several tentacles, sprouting from all over the slimes body. Normally changing its shape required concentration and was tedious to maintain for prolonged periods. This was an exception as it was not a conscious effort. Rather these tentacles were the rough equivalent of Apexus having an erection.

They wound around Reysha’s legs, who made pleased sounds as she looked at the slightly engorged ends of the individual tentacles, filled with sensitive nerves. Apexus flowed back a little, to get a nice view, one of its tentacles brushing gently over the now smooth pussy. Jolts rushed through the protrusions into the slimes nucleus, like lightning full of bliss. The slime was about to push inside, lose its virginity to this piece of hot ass, a wish that it had fostered for a long time. Since seeing Aclysia, truly seeing her, for the first time.

A sobbing sound reached Apexus’ ears and the many tentacles froze. Reysha’s eyes widened in surprise, the natural dark stripes around her blue iris only emphasizing it, when the tendrils that had almost reached her breasts slithered backwards. All of them disappeared back into Apexus’ body as the slime immediately fluttered over to the source of the whimpering.

It found Aclysia curled up at the opposite side of the room, head burrowed between her legs. Her wings hung down loosely, like sick leaves, and her usually so orderly, backwards running hair was falling down the sides of her face and hiding everything but her long ears from view. She looked even more fragile than that one time she was actually broken.

Very carefully, Apexus touched her on the shoulder with a normal tendril. Her whole body jumped and her head whirled around. The white of her sclera now had red mixed into it and her eyes as a whole seemed like they were under the surface of a lake. Small droplets ran down her cheeks and she sniffed audibly.

“Apexus…” she whispered its name and touched the tendril with the index finger of her left hand. The tugging in her chest had turned into a stinging pain when Aclysia had witnessed Reysha seducing her awakener. Soon thereafter, she had distanced herself, to not disturb her awakener’s happiness and to sort herself out. This had failed, unable to make sense of herself, the feelings eventually burst out as she failed to contain them.

Why did she feel this way when seeing the slime do something with someone else that she herself couldn’t do? When did she start feeling attracted to Apexus? She was a divine being, to fulfil her creator’s wish and then return to his realm for further instructions. Why did he make her with the capability to feel such pain in her heart?

Was it the way it treated her, with niceness and respect? How it made her laugh? How it was with her whenever she wanted company? Was it just the amount of time they had spent together? The image of a moonlit night in the land of endless lakes flashed in her memory. Aclysia couldn’t grasp it, but these feelings were there now. Even less she understood why she was jealous of not Reysha taking Apexus’ attention, that was fine with her, but that she took it in a way that the metal fairy herself couldn’t.

It slowly dawned on Aclysia, that their act of perversion had come to a sudden end. Her awakener not getting what he obviously wanted due to her actions was an obvious source of shame for her, who prided herself a loyal servant. Worse was the enormous relief she felt despite what she wanted to feel. A helpless loss of control over herself,crowned this tornado of self-doubt.

She pulled her hand back, but Apexus wouldn’t have it. Flowing around her, he gave her the full-body hug that had started their relationship. The slime didn’t understand what was going on, but Aclysia was sad and remedying that was more important to it than some quick sex. Being surrounded by her awakener’s warmth did help the metal fairy calm considerably.

“You okay?” Reysha tapped her way over. While she was a bit miffed at the fact that she had just been left unfucked, the tiger girl wasn’t heartless enough to complain. “What has you crying over here?” Aclysia had saved her just as much as the slime had, so the least she could do was ask.

“I…” the black and white servant poked her head out of her awakener’s body. Knew not how to answer. How could she say this without it sounding ridiculous? She couldn’t. If she said nothing, however, this pain was to stay, and that would be more terrible than being laughed at. “I am fine with Apexus being interested in other women than me,” she said, “but I don’t want to see him have intercourse with other females before me.”

Apexus felt confused and ecstatic. The circumstances were unusual, but the words she spoke there confirmed that its interest in her wasn’t unrequited. If it had a mouth, it would have declared its love for the whole world at that moment. Instead the slime jumped on the spot like the world’s happiest bouncy ball.

“Fuck, okay, I get that,” Reysha had no ridicule for that whatsoever. In the reverse situation, she wouldn’t have been bawling but instead scratched the competing girl’s face off and dumped her crippled body on the nearest waste-site, so she got away pretty well in her opinion. “I thought you two already did it, wasn’t looking to claim any first times.” For her people harems were the norm, so it wasn’t anything odd to her that the head girl was to sleep with the man first. “I’ll keep my claws to me until you get with him, okay?”

“That would be greatly appreciated,” Aclysia sniffed one more time, surprised at how smooth this thing had gone despite how stupid a worry she had. It felt so below her divine origin to be hung up over such a worldly a thing. Yet here she was. ‘Perhaps I should stop defining myself by my source,’ she realized, a thought that was derailed when Reysha started masturbating. “What are you doing?” the metal fairy asked.

“Still… need… to get off,” Reysha stated, rubbing her crotch for both of them to see. There was not a dot of shame inside this tiger and she was really horny right there. Apexus and Aclysia were both left interested if slightly ashamed voyeurs.

And they watched her from beginning to finish.

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