《Reincarnated As a Fox With System 》Chapter 27: Mr.Fake Dragon Previous Life Must Be...


Tang Li Xue pointed her tiny paw at the fake dragon then hugged herself like being bounded and made a thumb down gesture.

'You… being bounded… uncool!'

She even spat to the ground while put her disdainful expression in the end.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's current dumbfounded expression right now was identical to Xiao Hei's first reaction when he met with Tang Li Xue.

"You! Are you really a savage beast?! Impossible! How could your intelligence already so high when you still only a savage beast?! You… you must be a spirit beast in disguise, right?!'

"But… that's also impossible I don't feel any vitality energy emitting out from your body so you must be still a savage beast!"

The fake dragon still blinked its eyes again and again in disbelief like trying to wake up from a dream while keep shaking its giant head like a rattle drum.

Tang Li Xue rolled back her eyes in disdain, she really looking down on 'this frog in the bottom of the well' fake dragon that never sees the world.

'Come on…for God's sake, you are a fake dragon that only one step away from becoming a spirit beast! Is this really THAT big of a deal?!'

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard woke up from its stupor after it saw Tang Li Xue's disdain expression keep increasing toward it.

"Cough… Cough… Kid, where are you come from? Who is your master? Are you lost?" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard coughed up a few times then put its dignified expression back.

'Tsk… it's already too late for you to act like a respectable fake dragon!' Tang Li Xue thought but she was trying to buy some time to explore this place so she would try to act a bit nicer to this fake dragon for now.

Tang Li Xue sat on the ground and put her two paws on her back then started to put a cold murderous expression on her face. She was currently acted like how Xiao Hei usually appears in front of others, cold and aloof.

"Eh… So you are the pet of that Mo brat?! Sigh…" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard sighed and its eyes were full of reminiscing then he keeps quiet for a few seconds while staring at Tang Li Xue intensely.

"Kid… No… Lass, tell me frankly! Do you fell in love with that Mo brat? That's why you follow him back here?"

At first, Tang Li Xue thought that the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard only trying to tease her but after seeing its dead-serious expression, Tang Li Xue realized that this fake dragon was trying to tell her something important.


Tang Li Xue considered it for a few minutes seriously… Was she really fallen in love with Xiao Hei before that was why she follows him here?

'Meh… Of course not! To be honest, if I can make my own flame and cooking my own roasted meat with these tiny paws of mine, I will probably not come to this sh*tty trap hole full of scheming and cruel cultivators!'

That was really the truth, Tang Li Xue was a poor sickly girl in her previous life, she lived in slum, never ate any delicious food, and she even often starved for a few days even half a month!

In this new life, the one that she worries about the most besides her survival was not happiness but food!

As long as she can eat delicious food every day until she was full then that it was already happiness for her!

You should never say that she was a glutton or dumb because of her choice because someone that said that certainly never felt starved for a few days or even a half month before!

We could actually see this easily if the world really in the brick of apocalypse, what all humans do would be stocking food and drink in the bunker, not gold or money!

In the end, Tang Li Xue shook her head to indicate that she did not have any feelings for Xiao Hei.

"That is good then! Remember this, lass… Humans are evil and treacherous creatures! You should never believe what they say! Do you hear me? NEVER BELIEVE IN HUMAN!"The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard said with a serious tone with even a hint of threatening.

'What's wrong with this fake dragon? Is it fallen in love with human before? And betrayed? This is bad though it's too emotional for now! I should calm it down first or I will never finish my quest like this! '

Tang Li Xue nodded her head while waving her paws around to calm down the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard but it could feel that Tang Li Xue did not believe in it.

"Lass, I know that you don't believe me… Then I will ask you first. Did you see what happened in that black market? Why are those demonic beasts did not rebel or reject their masters' order to fight each other to death?" " The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard asked seriously while kept staring at Tang Li Xue.

'That's right?! Why…..' This question was also ringing in Tang Li Xue's mind before but she decided to forget about it for now and focus on finishing her quest first.


"The answer is simple! Master-servant contract! Once it signed, the demonic beast would never be able to reject its master order! And if the master is dead, their contracted demonic beast life would be dead too! While if the demonic beast dead, its master would not be affected at all!"

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard explained patiently to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue stunned by the fake dragon's explanation.

'What the hell with that unfair contract! I, This Queen would never sign it even if This Queen's life is at stake!'

"Do you think you can reject it? Haha… If you are weaker than the human that wanted to contract you then that human can force you into signing the contract whatever you like it or not! Heck, that human doesn't even need to be stronger than you, they can ask for their elders' help!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard could read Tang Li Xue's expression and explained it.

Tang Li Xue's expression turned darker and gloomier each time she heard the fake dragon's explanation.

'But… but… Xiao Hei would not force me to sign that unfair contract, right? I mean we are friends, right?'

"Do you think that Mo brat is different than the other because he did not force you to sign that master-servant contract until now? WRONG! He did not do it before because you are still a savage beast! You still have not formed your beast core yet so he cannot make you sign the master-servant contract! The moment you become a demonic beast, he would certainly force you to sign it immediately!"

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard mercilessly trampled Tang Li Xue's hope with his words.

Tang Li Xue was really depressed right now even her ears and tail turned limp.

Looking at the despaired Tang Li Xue, Red-Eyes Winged Lizard also felt guilty so he tried to comfort her.

"Listen up, Lass… It's not my intention to put pressure on you but I only wanted you to know your situation clearly! When I see that you have high intelligence, I could feel that you will have a bright future in front of you! Your chance to become a spirit beast probably higher than mine…"

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard said to Tang Li Xue as its gaze toward her turned gentler.

"I don't want you to be disillusioned by that Mo brat! I don't want you to be daydreaming all day to marry that Mo brat! Because human and beast would never have a happy ending! In my tens of thousand years of my life, I never witness any happy ending between human and beast!"

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard still tried to convince Tang Li Xue but Tang Li Xue already entered deep into her thinking mode so she cannot hear the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words anymore.

'Dammit! What a close call! Fortunately, I met with this fake dragon before I evolved further to [Uncommon] grade! It would be too late if Xiao Hei already forced me into signing that master-servant contract! I have to start to make a new plan for my future!'

On the contrary to how the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's see, Tang Li Xue did not feel that depressed or frustrated at all. She even already started to think of a way to escape from this Asura Demon Sect safely.

"When you become a spirit beast you may be able to gain a human form then you probably started to think that love between human and beast is possible this way. But that is a really big mistake! Spirit beast's life could last for hundreds of thousands of years but human? Even if they are high ranked cultivators, they could only live for a few thousands of years!"

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard kept blabbering on and on…..

"Maybe the relationship between human and beast could last for tens or even hundreds of years but that's it! The humans would start to feel bored and weary then they would begin to search for new women or men to satisfy their desire! Us, the beasts are always devoted and faithful, only love one mate in our entire life, but humans are different from us, they are the treacherous species where they would say A today and say B tomorrow! They cannot be trusted at all!"

Tang Li Xue's mouth started to twitch violently as her patience growing thin.

'F*ck! This fake dragon really can talk! Mr. Fake Dragon, you must be a lecturer or a lawyer in your previous life, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?! No, it must be a religious preacher as all of its words are so DAMN convincing! Even I started to hate humans now even though I AM A HUMAN in my previous life! ENOUGH! STOOOOOOOP IT! I want to negotiate… err… talk too…'

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