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The Nine Tails of Alchemy Series

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Living life in a virtual world was never part of my plan. My dreams of the future were of university, of being a world renown researcher and pharmacist. Being one of the many unfortunates forced into a virtual reality capsule to live out my days as a popsicle, was not part of that dream. But not all dreams can be achieved, and sometimes, it’s the dreams we never knew we had that come true. I dreamed of walking a path of science, and now in a world known only to the mind, I walk a path trodden by the greatest scientists of all.

In these frozen dreams, I walk the path of a disciple of natural philosophy.

The First Tail - Slowly uploading edited chapters.

The Second Tail - Only self edited, third party edits will be done once completed.

Copyright © 2021 Taniko K Williams, all rights reserved.

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