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my shy Indian girl..

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hey guys.... so basically it's my first ff ever so plz do not hate me in comments...plz... plz...
21+ mature content
He is a beast..the most cruel person in this world..everyone obey him..but he only obey her.. Only her.. She was the only one who can tame the beast inside him...she has the capability of making anyone her's...but there is only one truth in these always belongs to beast .
a Indian girl named yn malhotra...a 19 year old girl who is very shy, and kind hearted, innocent, beautiful girl, belongs to a mafia family but total opposite of them...
Kim taehyung mafia king of whole world.. At just age of 26..he is very bold, and cold hearted, handsome as hell, cruel, merciless, belongs to a mafia family but total opposite of them but not as good but he is more cruel and heartless than them..
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