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Angel Blood

8 121 20
Author: Type:Female
Calliope has one job: to hunt the supernatural terrorizing mankind. What she never anticipates is being drawn to the same creature she seeks to end.
Sinclair Black is assigned as her next victim. What she doesn't realize is that he's an upper level incubus and the city's most notorious hitman.
To survive his wrath, Calli is forced to bind her soul to his until her debt is paid. Now she'll just have to fulfill her end as his pet before her divine brethren find out--or survive the grave consequences that come with betraying their sacred bloodline.
Once her debt is paid, she'll be free--but first, she'll need to resist the wicked temptation that is Sinclair Black.
{Violent and sexual content-best suited for 18+}
#1 paranormal (2/4)
#1 enemieswithbenefits (12/24)
#1 gangs (1/21)
#2 badboy (4/10)
#1 obsessive (8/3)
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