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I Save The Disabled Villain by Pretending to be Pitiful (Wearing A Book)

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Author: Type:Female
I Save The Disabled Villain by Pretending to be Pitiful (Wearing A Book)
97 Chapters (Completed)
Chi Han read a dog-blood abuse article all night.
The scumbag in the article was separated from Bai Yueguang because of a misunderstanding. Under the pain, his personality completely changed, becoming sullen and irritable. By chance, he saw a male partner who was five-pointed to Bai Yueguang, and he immediately chased him and played it as a stand-in.
During this period, the male supporting role of cannon fodder was all determined, until after Bai Yueguang returned to China, Slag Gong kicked him away, and the male supporting actor finally realized that he had embarked on the road of blackening to death, and finally was driven crazy by
Bai Yueguang and Slag Gong together. Locked up in a mental hospital until the end. And the biggest villain who was used by Bai Yueguang had a very tragic ending. After being overthrown by the scum attack, he couldn't help it, his family property was mortgaged, and he committed suicide not long after.
Chi Han saw that after the author forced the villain to forcibly lose his intelligence in order to win the scum attack, he abandoned the article on the spot, and left a line in the comment area with great pride: "If I were this male supporting character, this pair of dogs Boys will never live to the end!" Then he became a cannon fodder male supporting role in the novel that day.
Chi Han: "..."
Don't you? Is it too late to delete comments now?
Chi Han, who was so remorseful until he saw the underage villain sitting in a wheelchair, brushed the peach blossoms off his shoulders indifferently, and passed by him coldly and arrogantly, he suddenly felt that this wave didn't seem... deficit?
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