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When shy bartender Elliot is approached by a handsome stranger on a park bench at midnight, their unlikely attraction unravels everything they thought they knew about themselves... and the crime-ridden city around them.
A struggling Elliot Taylor didn't expect to lay his head on a park bench to get a good night's sleep for once, away from his ruthless father and a house that never truly felt like home.
He didn't expect to meet a biker that night, either. Much less Noah Black, the Vice President of the 'Stray Dogs' biker gang. Contrary to the rumors that paint him out as a man of danger and mystery, Elliot discovers that he radiates an easy-going energy, and a flirty charm that makes him difficult to resist.
Through chance encounters and sleepless nights, the two can't seem to avoid each other. And it doesn't help that Noah has a sharp eye for Elliot's bruises, especially considering that the last thing Elliot wants is the help of somebody else.
So, how long can Elliot turn him away?
How long before the electricity he feels for the boy who seems to be too nosy for his own good... turns into something much more than Elliot had ever expected?
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