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The Billionaire & I

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Author: Type:Female
Rewritten and completed✔
Ophelia Duhamels knows what rock bottom is and vows to never hit it again after getting her life back on track. What she doesn't account for is an ex, who is now to be her boss.
After months of depression and self-pitying, Ophelia finally starts getting her life back on track and finds a job. But fate is seemingly not done toying with her when her new boss turns out to be an ex she hasn't seen since their messy breakup years ago.
Although disgruntled by the unexpected turn of events, keeping the job is much more important than whatever residual indignation she still feels.
It's a rocky reunion full of clashes and arguments and as the weeks and months go by, she starts to question a lot of things. Life is full of all kinds of surprises for Ophelia, the biggest in the form of her hotshot billionaire ex.
"You deserve to rot in hell, and I hope you never find your stupid files!"
"Get out," his voice dropped menacingly.
"Glady." I glared at him and flipped him off before leaving the office and slamming the door behind me.
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