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Class 2-A's Lessons in Italy(sponsored by Vongola 'Enterprize')

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A white jet that's emblem with the famous Vongola symbol, has just arrive back in Japan. A group of 7 teens stepped out in suits and a dress. The guardians(Hayato, Takeshi, Lambo, Ryohei, Mukuro, Chrome, and Kyoya) and Vongola Deciemo(Tsuna(yoshi)) has just came back from a trip in Italy and met with a sadistic hitman tutor, Reborn(take note that he has his famous smirk on). After a day of settling in and arriving to school, they were met with a surprise appearance from Mr. Riboyama. What does Mr. Riboyama have in store for them?
This is my first fanfiction/story, so I thought about writing one with not too much plot line and kinda over use, yet funny idea to get use to writing. I hope you as readers can give me some feed backs, and opinions on what I should do next, I'll be asking some questions on what I should do. Thank you very much for reading this.
[I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn or it's characters. It rightfully belongs to it's rightful writer, producer, and director.]
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