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The Blood Core

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Amara has been having a rough couple of weeks. Unwittingly committing tax fraud can do that to a person. Now forced to "enjoy" house arrest until her court date, she ends up playing a Virtual Reality Dive Game that she hasn't touched in over three years. Logging in was easy enough, she just had to sit down in her Dive Chair. The complications came after that when her character seemingly broke the game. Now she is a dungeon core of all things! With no way to contact other players or the Game Masters, she has to find a way to get out of the game in time for her court date. She'd rather not go to prison for a long time.

Maxwell had decided that he had just wasted the last five months of his life on a path that would never work for him in life. Deciding to just give up on the finals, he loads up the new game he just bought for the exams. He didn't expect to end up trapped inside like all the shows he'd seen in his youth. It didn't help that his character was basically on Hardcore mode being a Dark Elf Village Leader in the middle of a human supremacy kingdom that went in every direction for hundreds of leagues. Without knowing how dying might affect him, he steels himself to grow his village into the new power in the area. Of course, that's easier said than done when a blood-thirsty dungeon appears to be on a warpath with everything in the area.

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