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Intricacies of Love

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Author: Type:Female
Wattpad Featured on WattpadRomanceIN in the Hum Aapke Hain Kaun reading list.
Dr. Saumya Mathur
Three years ago, she lost the only people she loved in an accident. Now, an eight year old to look after and the hospital shifts barely give her any time for herself.
But one encounter with Dr. Akshit Aggarwal, a child psychologist and her handsome neighbour next door, is all it takes for her heart to beat with life again.
As one encounter leads to another, the unbreakable impenetrable wall, which she has built around her ailing heart, threatens to fall. Her insecurities, which have sunken deep inside, threaten to flee.
Will Saumya venture beyond the shackles of pain to discover the intricacies of love?
First Published : 21/03/2020
Completed: 1/06/2020
Amazing cover by @ClaireOlsen_
Winner of Romance in the Space Awards
Second Prize Winner of the CBR Awards
This is an unedited first draft!
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