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UNSEEN: Undone Realms Book 1

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Author: Type:Female
2014 WATTY WINNER!! (Collector's Dream Award for being one of the most want-to-read stories of 2014!). A Wattpad Featured story, and a Summer 2015 #WattpadBlockParty featured book!
Undone Realms series: bk. 1
Out of countless realms in the multiverse, Clara is trapped in one that won't let her breathe.
Her life consists of a hotel in a tiny pocket universe overlapping our own. Population: one. She doesn't know how she came to be there, how she can exist without breathing, or why she can see into the breathing world, but no one can see into hers.
Nolan doesn't know any more about parallel worlds or pocket universes than Clara does. Running away from his abusive father, he finds work at the hotel. Depressed, Nolan wants to disappear as much as Clara wishes to be seen. There is little hope that they'll share anything beyond a palpable loneliness until the morning the barrier separating their planes of existence is breached and for the first time, Clara's unseen world is made visible. As Nolan is slowly drawn into Clara's breathless reality, he must decide whether the love of one person is worth crossing into a world that may never let him back into his own.
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