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Fantasy Unlimited (Dropped)

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Author: Type:Male
If you were terminally ill, family and friends abandoned you, and had countless hours to spend, what would you do?
Cyrus chose to spend his remaining years playing Fantasy Unlimited, where he eventually became the best player in the game. But all of that is meaningless when the game is set to end. As the only player left online, Cyrus watched it all come to an end.
But what happens when you wake up only to find yourself still in the game? Or is it really still the same game?
Do you rejoice?
Do you lament?
Or do you say: Fuck it!
When given another chance to live his life, Cyrus moves forward without hesitation. But life was never meant to be easy and neither is your second.
A/N: Mature tag added for possiblity of violence, sex scenes (not entirely sure if I can write one though), etc.; harem tag removed but not exactly sure yet
Hi guys, I thought I'd try to write a book (obviously easier said than done). Don't actually know where I'm headed with this but thought it would be fun to try to get as far as I can. There is no set schedule whatsoever. Constructive criticism greatly appreciated.
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