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Sengoku Demon Chronicles

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Sengoku-era Japan was already batshit crazy.

Now it’s got demons.


Japan 1541-2.

Miho, a young village guy [with a female name], is on the trail of his mysterious lost love when he unwittingly saves the life of Akira, a cynical ashigaru [low-level samurai].

By doing so, he incurs the wrath of a box demon who is way too petty to just let it go.

After that, it’s mostly downhill.


Includes: purple mist demons, portals, Yuki Onna, other demons, warlords, ashigaru, a try-hard mage, an eight-tailed fox and an endless litany of pathological liars.

Historically, it’s about as accurate as most Hollywood productions. Hopefully, a little better.


Note: due to having fewer followers than a no-touch, no-look sex cult, I'm taking a break from this for August/September. Will be back in October to finish off Volume 1 and start off Volume 2.

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